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Dr. Erwin Jekelius lover of Paula Hitler.


Erwin Jekelius (born June 5, 1905 in Sibiu, † 8 May 1952 in the Soviet Union, was an Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist at the time of National Socialism and as T4 euthanasia expert in crime involved. Aktion T4 was a postwar name for mass murder through involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany. The name T4 is an abbreviation of Tiergartenstraße 4,  a street address of the Chancellery department set up in the spring of 1940, in the Berlin borough of Tiergarten, which recruited and paid personnel associated with T4

Jekelius download-1, a medical doctor in 1931 received his first appointment at the Special Education Station of the University Children’s Hospital in Vienna, where he worked until 1936. From 1933 Jekelius member of the NSDAP  and the Patriotic Front. At the instigation of the President of the Evangelical Church Council obtained upper Jekelius employment as a medical officer of the City of Vienna. From 1938 he was initiated specialist in nervous diseases and in Vienna from beginning of November 1938 the acting clinic for neurological disorders of the workers health insurance fund. He also took over from 1938, initially acting and from 20 March 1939 official line of drinkers sanatorium “Am Steinhof” in Vienna . After the outbreak of World War Jekelius was drafted into the armed forces, but in mid April 1940 in the Main Health Office of the City of Vienna busy, where he dated 2 June 1940 to early August 1941, the Unit for the mentally ill, addicted psychopaths and care “initiated. Has commenced a preliminary investigation at this time because of fornication against nature to Penal Code § 129 was discontinued in August 1940.

Of 24 July 1940 to 1941 was Jekelius worked at the Vienna city youth reformatory “At the basic level” as the medical director. During the Second World War were in the children’s department of the institution in the context of child euthanasia at least 789 disabled and / or behavioral problems children killed by administration of hypnotics, due to malnutrition or hypothermia

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor disabled murder in ww2 

Of 14 October 1940 to Jekelius worked in the T4-T4 as a witness report forms of patients and decided from files which patients in the Nazi killing centers as “euthanasia case” should be gassed. Jekelius also worked with other doctors in a euthanasia law (“law on euthanasia for terminally ill patients”) with. This law was adopted in October 1940, but gained no legal validity.

Jekelius the year 1941/1942 was released from his position as director in the institution “On the basic level” due to a conflict with the Gaujugendamt It brings the right to punish minors in his care exceeded. Against him then initiated disciplinary proceedings have terminated in November 1942. After a commissioner’s representative from early July 1942 Psychiater and Neurologe Dr.Ernst Illing  successor Jekelius. Dr Ernst Iiling after the war was tried and hanged as a war criminal in 1946, age 42. Another reason for his call for military service was an intimate relationship with Paula Hitler, sister of Adolf Hitler, whom he met in official contexts.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dr. Erwin Jekelius paula hitlers lover Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dr. Erwin Jekelius paula hitlers lover  Paula Hitler intervened with Jekelius successfully moved in favor of a friend who was from deportation to the Nazi killing center Hartheim  threatened. Another in October 1943 initiated and later recruited disciplinary proceedings to an “improper” reply from Jekelius to the Assistant Secretary of health care.

Beginning of 1942 was again called to Jekelius Wehrmacht as a military doctor and was last at a Cossack Division 188px-1st_cossacks_division-svg. From August 1943 to November 1943 and from July 1944, he served as chief physician of the neurological unit of the nursing home Lainz, he was also a director post at the mental hospital made the prospect of Rose Hill. Furthermore, he was one of the Viennese “Asozialenkommission” at. Jekelius in 1945 to escape arrest by members of the Red Army and 1948 in Moscow sentenced for their involvement in euthanasia crimes to 25 years hard labor. He died in May 1952 in a Soviet labor camp in bladder cancer, age 46..

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