Tietzen, Horst “Jacob”

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Tietzen, Horst "Jacob"

Tietzen, Horst “Jacob”, born 19-07-1912, in Neu-Ostwalter in the Neumark region of Mark Brandenburg. Leutnant Tietzen received his first taste of combat,in Hermann Goering´s (did you know) Luftwaffe, with 3rd Staffel of Jagdgruppe 88   under commander Oberleutnant Werner Mölders of the Condor Legion,

   in the Spanish Civil War. He recorded his first victory on 19-07-1938, when he shot down a Republican I-16 fighter. He then recorded a further six victories operating with 1. Staffel. Tietzen was awarded the Spanienkreuz in Gold mit Schwerten  for his accomplishments in this conflict. In mid-August 1939, Tietzen was appointed Staffelkapitän of 5./JG 51, nickname “Mölders” Jagdgeschwader 51.svg. Jagdgeschwader 51’s pilots won more Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes than any other Jagdgeschwader, and flew combat from 1939 in all major theatres of war. Flying Bf 109s and then FW 190s, the wing claimed over 8.000 air victories.

    Losigkeit, Fritz.. The last is Fritz Losigkeit. Other experten of 5./JG 51 included Oberleutnant, Toni Hafner,, Heinrich Hofmann, who was missed in action, age 28, on 03-10-1941, Heinz Bär, who died age 43, on 28-04-1957, Richard Leppla who died age 74, on 04-08-1988, Karl Gottfried Nordmann, who died in the USA, age 66, on 22-07-1982, Günther Schack, claimed 174 enemy aircraft shot down, all of them on the Russian front. He survived being shot down 15 times during his 780 combat missions. After the war he lived secluded in the Eifel Mountains, and devoted himself to philosophical research and died age 85, on 14-06-2003 in Nideggen and the legendary General der Flieger, Werner Vati  Mölders. Tietzen recorded his first victory of World War II on 20-04-1940, when he shot down a French Bloch MB.174 twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft near Saarburg, although he mis-identified the victory as a Potez 63. Tietzen was to be particularly successful during the Battle of Britain. (see Bomber Harris He recorded his 10th victory of World War II on 25-07-1940, when he shot down a RAF Spitfire fighter near Dover. On 15 August, Tietzen shot down three RAF Hurricane fighters to record his 15th through 17th victories of World War 2.  He became the fourth German fighter pilot to record 20 victories on 18 August.

Death and burial ground of Tietzen, Horst “Jacob”.

On 18-08-1940, Tietzen was shot down by Pawel Zenker  of the 501st Squadron Hurricane  and killed in aerial combat with RAF Hurricane fighters over the Thames Estuary. His body later washed ashore at Calais in France. Tietzen was posthumously awarded the Ritterkreuz and promotion to the rank of Hauptmann on 20 August and Horst Tietzen was credited with 27 victories.

 He recorded seven victories during the Spanish Civil War. Horst “Jacob” Tietzen, age 28 is buried on the French war cemetery in Bourdon.. Pawel Zenker was missed in action a week later on 24-08-1940, age  26.

Also buried on this cemetery are Peter Goering (see Goering) nephew of Hermann, SS Hauptsturmführer, Georg Kubisch, former adjutant of Goebbels, who married Hitler’s first mistress Maria Mimi Reiter,

   Flyer Ace Oberleutnant, Rudolf  Pflanz, SS Standartenführer, Hans Friedmann Goetze and Flyer Ace Major, Kommandeur Jagdgeschwader 27 Heinrich Setz.  Although official records were lost at the end of the war, research suggests Jagdgeschwader 27 claimed over 3,100 kills for some 1,400 aircraft lost, and lost approximately 827 pilots killed, missing or POW during 1939-45



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