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Starke, Friedrich, born 05-05-1889, In Halle, Saale, a few weeks after Adolf Hitler (did you know), entered the Army with the 2nd Railway Regiment and Pilot Training,  age 19, on 17-03-1909. Until January 1918 he was a pilot with the 21st Field Flying Battalion, leader of the Flying School in Posen, and Officer with Special Duties with the 275th Artillery Flying Battalion, now a Hauptmann. Till the end of the war Technical Officer with Bomber Wing 4 of the Supreme Army Command. Remained in the new Reichswehr as a Major and Staff Officer of Motor Transport Troops with the Military District Command III/3rd Division under Oberst, later Generaloberst, Curt Haase

, he retired from the Service on 31-03-1933. Curt Haase on 09-02-1943, died at the age of 61 from advanced heart disease in Berlin-Grunewald. Starke joined the new Luftwaffe Service as a Oberstleutnant on 01-06-1935 as a Supplement Officer and Motor Transport Adviser with the Air Equipment Master, RLM to 31-05-1936, Motor Transport Equipment Inspector of the Luftwaffe until 23-06-1943, meanwhile an Oberst. at the same timer, Commander of Motor Transport Technical Schools of the Luftwaffe in Rudolstadt, now a Generalmajor. Inspector of Motor Vehicles with the Staff of Supply Inspectorate with the Chief of Supply Affairs of the LuftwaffeFile:Luftwaffe eagle.svg  to 15-09-1943, age 54. He then was placed to the disposal of the Flying Replacement Battalion III and finally not useful anymore, retired on 30-04-1944, age 55.

Death and burial ground of Starke, Friedrich.

Living in Berlin Zehlendorf, Friedrich Starke not a battlefield General died at the age of 73, on 02-12-1962 and is buried with his wife Magarete, who died age 87, on 30-01-1982, on the Waldfriedhof of Berlin Zehlendorf. The Generalleutnant der Artillerie, Commander 265th Infantry Division Werner Junck  and Generaloberst der Flieger, the most decorated Generals of the former Luftwaffe, commander Luftflote 1, Air Fleet I Alfred “Iron Keller” Keller

  are buried close by. Also buried there are Hildegard Knef and Willy Brandt.

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