Schutzek, Eduard.

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Schutzek, Eduard, born 31-10-1890 in Metz, entered the Army Reserve as a war volunteer on 01-02-1915, age 24, with the 2nd Telegraph Battalion . He was in the fields of the first war with the 25th Division Telephone Battalion. After the war he was sent on granted leave on 20-12-1919 and joined the Police Service on 20-01-1920. He was transferred to the growing Hermann Goering’s  (did you know) Luftwaffe  as a Police Major on 01-08-1935, age 44, and Officer with Special Duties in the RLM. At the beginning of World War II he as an Oberstleutnant was Signal Leader with the Air Region Command III and Commander of the 3rd Air Region Signals Regiment, to 09-10-1939. Signal Leader with the 1st Flak Corps and Commander of the 101st Air Signal Regiment until 21-06-1940, as an Oberst. He was Flight Reporting Inspector of the Luftwaffe until 11-06-1943 and higher Signal Leader with Air Fleet Command 2 to 30-12-1943, as a Generalmajor since 01-10-1943. Again Flight Reporting Inspector of the Luftwaffe, until 11-04-1945, Higher Signal Leader with Air Fleet Command North East, to 08-05-1945, as he landed in Allied captivity.

Death and burial ground of Schutzek, Eduard.

Schützek was released on 26-06-1947 and living in Hanover he died, old age 85, on 04-12-1973 and is buried with his wife Maria, who died age 57, on 09-05-1954, on the cemetery of the suburb Biebrich, in Wiesbaden.

Close by a “grave of honor” for Joachim von Ribbentrop  the former foreign Nazi minister in the family grave of his wife Annelies Henkell

band Generalmajor der Infanterie, Commander of Field Command 1038, Otto von Goeldel.

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