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Schallermair, Georg, born 29-12-1894 in Hebertshausen to Johann Schallermair, born 21-07-1862, in Deutenhofen and his wife Ursula Schallermair, born 19-01-1864, in Hebertshausen. Georg was one of 9 sisters and brothers and he married with Maria Schallermeier, born 20-03-1891, in Goppertshofen..

Georg Schallermair, a trained concrete worker, served in the Wehrmacht until 1944 and was then drafted into the Waffen-SS. From August 1944 to May 1945 he was employed as a report leader under camp commander SS Oberführer Walter Adolf Langleist  in the Mühldorf concentration camp. Langleist was hanged, age 52 on 28-05-1946. Schallermair on 18-09-1947, was tried before an American military court in one of the follow-up trials at Dachau (000-50-2-121). It was a follow-up procedure to the Mühldorf trial.

The prosecution charged that Schallermair, as report leader, was jointly responsible for the general conditions and the lack of care for the camp inmates in 1944/45, which led to the death of a large number of them from starvation or disease. He was also accused of personally beating many inmates to death, going beyond what was expected of him. He was also accused of having overseen the removal of gold teeth from deceased prisoners by a prisoner doctor. All allegations were supported by a large number of witness statements. The deaths described by the witnesses could also be verified in the death books kept in the concentration camp. The historian Norbert Frei commented in retrospect: “According to numerous former prisoners, Schallermair was the prototype of the brutal thug.”

Schallermair stated that he only punished gross violations of camp regulations to maintain discipline, and that no deaths had ever occurred. For the removal of the gold teeth, he referred to an emergency order and referred to a corresponding order from Office D III (Medical Services and Camp Hygiene) of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office.

On 23-09-1947, the military court found Schallermair guilty of war crimes and sentenced him to death by hanging. He was imprisoned in the Landsberg prison for war crimes. Judges from the US European Command’s War Crimes Group (EUCOM) reviewed the verdict. On 07-01-1948, in their “Review” they once again acknowledged the evidence in detail and confirmed the death sentence:

The evidence clearly establishes the fact that the accused participated in the mass crimes in connection with the Dachau concentration camp as SS-Hauptscharführer and Rapportfuhrer in the Mühldorf sub-camp.   In addition, it is clearly proven that the defendant personally abused and beat numerous camp inmates. Many of the inmates have died as a result of the defendant’s brutal beatings. The evidence justifies the guilty verdict. The verdict is not overly harsh.The German campaign for the “Landsberger”.





In the years 1949 to 1951, a campaign against the execution of further death sentences by the US occupying power was carried out in the Federal Republic of Germany, in which the highest levels of government in the Federal Republic took part. One argument was the fact that the death penalty had been abolished in the Basic Law passed by the Parliamentary Council in 1949. As a result, in 1950, the commander-in-chief of the American forces in Europe, General Thomas Troy Handy, initiated a new internal review of all judgments falling within his area of responsibility. For this purpose, a pardons department was set up at the EUCOM War Crimes Modification Board, which had existed since 1949. The judgments in question also included that against Schallermair, since it had been passed in Dachau.

Handy published its decision on 31-01-1951 – at the same time as the American lawyer, diplomat, banker, and a presidential advisor, John Jay McCloy, who, as High Commissioner for Germany, was responsible for reviewing the Nuremberg verdicts. Handy commuted eleven death sentences to life imprisonment. He rejected two pleas for clemency, one for the adjutant of the camp commandant in Buchenwald, Hans-Theodor Schmidt, and one for Schallermair. His reasoning:

As the leader of a roll detail, Georg Schallermair was directly responsible for the prisoners in Mühldorf, a subcamp of Dachau. He himself beat many prisoners in such a way that they died as a result. Of 300 people brought to the camp in the fall of 1944, only 72 were alive after four months. Every day he visited the morgue with a captive dentist to break out the gold teeth of the dead. There are no facts or arguments that could in any way justify mercy in this case.In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 02-02-1951, Thilo Bode a German journalist (1918-2014), said that “doubts could not be suppressed” about the confirmation of these two death sentences. The Federal Ministry of Justice, which saw “mistakes” in these two cases, was more blunt. However, even the Heidelberg group of lawyers called in by the ministry found no one to intervene on behalf of Schallermair

Death and burial ground of Schallermair, Georg.


Georg Schallermair was hanged on 07-06-1951, age 56, in the prison of Landsberg am Lech and is buried at the Plötzensee cemetery of the prison of Landsberg am Lech, between may war criminals..

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