Bösel-Müller, Greta.

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Bösel-Müller, Greta, born 09-05-1908, in Wuppertal–Elberfeld Bösel was a trained nurse, but she became a camp guard at Ravensbrück in August 1944

Her rank at the camp was Arbeitseinsatzführerin (Work Input Overseer). In November 1944, Bösel was supposed to have been one of the staff members to select prisoners for the gas chamber, or for transfer to Uckermark. She is known to have told another SS guard “If they [prisoners] cannot work, let them rot.”

The camp was opened in May 1942 as a detention camp for girls, aged 16 to 21, who were considered criminal or difficult. Girls who reached the upper age limit were transferred to the Ravensbrück women’s camp. Camp administration was provided by the Ravensbrück camp. In its early years, the head overseer at Uckermark was a woman named Maria Charlotte Toberentz,   She was tried in the Third Ravensbrück Trials at Hamburg in 1948 for her role as Camp Leader at Uckermark. She was acquitted of all crimes due to a lack of evidence. However, the indictment included only crimes against Allied nationals and German non-conformist girls and young women prisoners. It is clear that she was not tried for crimes in Ravensbrück. Freed after the trial, Toberentz became an official in the German police force,.her date of death unknown and one other Aufseherin (female warden) is known today by the name of Johanna Braach. Both of these women were tried by a British court at the Third Ravensbrück trial.Braach. After the trial, Braach worked again in a managerial capacity at the West German police. From 1952 until her retirement in 1972. Braach was head of the female criminal investigation department in Bielefeld as well as in Essen. Nothing know of her death..

In January 1945, the juveniles’ camp was closed and the infrastructure was subsequently used as an extermination camp for “women who were sick, no longer efficient, and over 52 years old”. Over 5,000 women were murdered there; only 500 women and children survived. Though it was shut down in March 1945 the Soviets liberated the camp on the night of April 29–30, 1945. Today only very few structures of the camp lie in ruins, barely recognizable.

Some of the responsible SS wardens of the camp, amongst them chief warden (Oberaufseherin) Ruth Closius Neudeck, were tried in the Third Ravensbrück Trial, called the “Uckermark trial”.Ruth Neudeck was hanged in Hameln also, age 28 on 29-07-1948.

After the death march of prisoners out of Ravensbrück following the impending liberation by the Red Army of Soviet troops, Bösel fled the camp with her husband. She was later caught and arrested by British troops.

Death and burial ground of Bösel-Müller, Greta.

Someone who was supposed to be saving people as a nurse, Greta Bosel turned into a manic psychopath that instead started killing them. She was assigned as the Ravensbruck camp’s input overseer. This was a fancy name in Nazi terminology that meant she was the judge and the executioner, deciding who is unworthy of living and who should be sent to other camps to work. She had a very evil ideology: If they can’t work, let them rot.

Bosel was working alongside Binz, the other tyrant mentioned previously in this article. They both were so horrendous in their approach to their prisoners that they tried to kill every single one of them before the Red Army could reach them. Even defeat could not stop the thirst for utter annihilation that she had for her prisoners. Thankfully though, she was captured and executed in 1945 on the same noose as Binz was. A fitting end to both monsters.

Bösel, with number 7, along with other female guards including Dorothea Binz, stood accused at the first Ravensbrück Trial, which took place between December 1946 and February 1947 in Hamburg, Germany. The court found her guilty of maltreatment, murder and taking part in the “selections”. She was executed for her crimes at 9:55 am on 03-05-1947, 24 minutes after Elisabeth Marschall, aged 60, by Albert Pierrepoint in Hamelin Prison. She was the third of thirteen prisoners to be hanged that day by Albert Pierrepoint, assisted by Regimental Sergeant Major Richard Anthony O’Neill, the execution being carried out at 9.03 am.

First all hanged criminals were buried on the Hameln Prison ground, but in 1954 Greta Bösel-Müller, and all other war criminals are reburied in holy ground at Am Wehl Cemetery. The graveyard had graves with crosses and names, but after many discussions about the Neo Nazi visits, and on 05-03-1986 all 200 Iron Crosses were removed and the graveside is now a grass field.



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