Rebsch, Gerhard.

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Rebsch, Gerhard, born 20-02-1894 in Berlin, Gauleiter Josef Goebbels (did you know) the son of Albert Bernhard Ernst Rebsch and his wife Luisa Augusta Martha, born Schultze. At the beginning of the First World War on 04-08-1914, Gerhard joined the Royal Prussian Army as a volunteer. He joined the replacement battalion of the 6th West Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 149. On 26-02-1915, he was promoted to non-commissioned officer and then completed a reserve officer course. As a result, he was promoted to vice sergeant on 01-05-1915 and to Leutnant in the reserve on 14-05-1915. On 25-05-1915, he returned to the 6th West Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 149 as a platoon leader and deputy company commander. On 14-08-1915, he was wounded at the front in the 10th company of his regiment and taken to a hospital. On 02-06-1916 he returned to his regiment again. From 08-10-1916 to 10-11-1916, he completed observer training at the Aviation Replacement Department 6 in Großenhain and then a course at the East Experimental and Training Airfield in Warsaw. From 07-01-1917, he served as an observer at Army Air Park 12 (AFP 12) on the Western Front. From 14-02-1917, he was also deployed on the Western Front as an observer with Flieger-abteilung 43 (FA 43). On 26-04-1917, he was transferred to the new Saxon Army Air Park 1 (AFP 1) on the Western Front. From 27-05-1917, he served again as an observer with Flieger-abteilung 1 (FA 1) on the Eastern Front. From 08-06-1917 he was an observer and officer z.b.V. with Fliegerabteilung 43 on the Western Front. On 25-11-1918, he resigned from military service with the rank of first Leutnant in the reserve. He started a pilot observer training ended the war as an Oberleutnant, Observer and Officer with Special Duties with the 43rd Flying Battalion and retired on 25-11-1918. He reactivated in the growing Herman Göring‘s  Luftwaffe on 01-04-1935 and with the outbreak of World War II he as an Oberstleutnant was Commander of the Reconnaissance Group 14 and Air Base Commander of Reichenberg, until 10-10-1939. Chief of Operations of the Commander of Luftwaffe of the 8th Army under command of General Hans Kreysing to 31-10-1939.  Kreysing survived the war and died 14-04-1969, aged 78 in Oldenburg,  Rebsch was Group Leader in RLM, to 31-10-1940 and Office Group Chief with the Chief of Air Defence RLM until 1944. Rebsch then was detached to the Chief of Wehrmacht Transport Affairs OKW   until 15-01-1945. Then placed to the disposal of the Flying Replacement Division to 30-04-1945 and retired age 51.

Death and burial ground of Rebsch, Gerhard.

Rebsch was still in Allied captivity from 09-05-1945 and released on 31-03-1947, he lived in Northeim, Harz, where Rebsch, not a battlefield General, died age 60, on 23-07-1954. He is buried with his wife Annemarie, born Bossen, who died age 74, on 28-11-1983, on the Hauptfriedhof of Northeim.

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