Neumann, Friedrich Wilhelm

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Neumann, Friedrich Wilhelm, born 22-01-1889 in Osterode, three months before Adolf Hitler (did you know), after his education joined the Army Service, age 17, as a Fahnenjunker in the 2nd Ermlandisches Infantry Regiment Nr. 151 . He went to the Infantry School and on 18-11-1907 promoted to Leutnant. On 01-10-1913 he became an Adjutant of the III. Battalions in the 37th Infantry Division, in Lensburg. He was in the fields with this Division and assigned to Oberleutnant. He was wounded during action and awarded with the wounded badge . After he war he as many desperate soldiers joined one of the many Frei Corpse’s  and allowed in the new Reichswehr.  He climbed up the ranks to Oberst on 01-04-1936 and appointed as commander of the 17th Infantry Regiment on 01-04-1938, in Braunschweig and led this Regiment in the Poland Invasion. On 01-12-1939 assigned as commander of the 19th Infantry Division  and mid November 1940 commander of 340th Infantry Division, by redesignating the 572. Volksgrenadier-Division , under the command of General Theodor Tolsdorff “The Mad”  He was transferred with his division to France in Mai 1941, region of Lille, with headquarters in Roubaix. In june 1941 his division was transferred again, now to the Canal coast near Calais, with headquarters in Ardesch and was promoted to Lieutenant General on 01-02-1942. He lost his command on 01-03-1942 and landed in the Fuhrer Reserve. In April 1942 he was assigned as commander of the 712th Infantry Division , in Sens, he succeeded Generalmajor der Infanterie, Georg Döhren In June he was transferred to Holland (see About), between Blankenberg, Belgium and Terneuzen, Holland, with headquarters in Oostburg, Province of Zeeland. His task was the expansion of the Atlantic Wall and on 30-10-1943 he received the German Cross in Gold. He got temporary command of the LXXXIX Army Corps in Antwerpen, Belgium. He then took command again of the 712th Division and half January 1944 his division was renamed in “Corps Neumann” and his name was in the Wehrmacht Report for bravery in the retreating battles after Normandy . His division destroyed 161 Sherman tanks and he was awarded with the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on 16-10-1944. From end November 1944 he was the temporary commander of the XXX Army Corps and again the command of the 712th. He lost his command on the eastern Front end January 1945 and in the Reserve  until 25-02-1945. He then was assigned as commander of Corps von Tettau, but as this corps already was surrounded he couldn’t take over this command. His last command was of the General Command XXXIII Army Corps from 05-04-1945 and from 22-04-1945 the General Command of Trondheim until the end of the war. He was in captivity from 08-05-1945 in different prison camps and first released end February 1948.

Death and burial ground of Neumann, Friedrich Wilhelm.

 Living in Bad Wiessee, Bavaria, he at the old age of 86 died, on 26-01-1975 and is buried with his wife Hanna,  who died very old age 98, on 24-03-1992, on the cemetery of Bad Wiessee, only steps of the graves of Field Marshal, Smiling, Albert Kesselring

  and Field Marshal, Werner Blomberg. Bad Wiessee was the place where the Knight of the Long Knives took place as SA leader, Ernst Röhm was taken prisoner and other SA leaders Edmund Heines and August Schneidhuber  were killed. The Night of the Long Knives between 30 June and 02-07-1934 saw the killing of approximately 82 SA men, including almost its entire leadership, effectively ending the power of the SA.



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