Müller-Michels, Franz.

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Müller-Michels, Franz, born 27-07-1886 in Dessau, joined the Army as a Fahnenjunker and Company Officer with the 171st Infantry Regiment, age 19, on 19-11-1905. He was Signal Officer as Fahnrich from 21-07-1906, with the Border Protection Command of the 82nd Infantry Brigade until 18-08-1914. Ordinance Officer with the Staff of this Brigade until 30-03-1915 and Ordinance Officer with the Staff of the 229th Infantry Brigade until 04-06-1906, meanwhile a Hauptmann. Adjutant of the 29th Brigade to 02-05-1917 and Company Leader in the 171st Infantry Regiment and Battery Leader with the 229th Field Artillery Regiment until 30-08-1917. Transferred to the Staff of Staging Inspection South until 28-11-1917. Now transferred to the Staff of the 10th Replacement Division to 07-07-1918. The 10th Ersatz Division was a unit of the German Army , in World War I. The division was formed on the mobilization of the German Army in August 1914. The division was disbanded in 1919 during the demobilization of the German Army after World War I.

He was detached to the 9th General Staff Course in Sedan until 04-08-1918. Müller-Michels was allowed in the new Reichswehr  and transferred to the Staff of the 95th Infantry, Jäger, Division to 03-12-1919. Appointed to commander of the 4th Reserve Jäger Battalion to 28-02-1919. Assigned as General Staff Officer in the Staff of the 11th Reichswehr Brigade in Kassel to 30-09-1920. Appointed to Company Chief with the 15th Infantry Regiment until 30-09-1922 and following as adviser in Department T3 in the RWM  to 31-03-1928 meanwhile a Major from 01-05-1927. Transferred to the Staff of Infantry Leader I until 30-09-1930 and promoted to Oberstleutnant, assigned as commander of the II Battalion of the 19th Infantry Regiment. Commander of the Fortifications of Neustettin until 28-02-1933 and transferred to the Staff of the 5th Infantry Regiment. Then on 01-04-1934 as Oberst transferred  to the Luftwaffe Service as Chief of Staff of Air District Command II, promoted as Generalmajor , until 30-09-1937. He became the commander in Air Region 7 to 31-01-1938 and retired from the service on 31-01-1938, now a Generalleutnant. Appointed as General Air Protection Leader and Leader of State Group Hesse-Rhineland of the civilian Reichs Air Protection Federation to 08-05-1945 as he was placed to the disposal of Military District Command IX to 31-08-1943 as he was retired for good.

Death and burial ground of Müller-Michels, Franz.

Living in Frankfurt am Main Franz Müller-Michels died at the old age of 86 on 08-09-1972 and is buried with his wife Marta, born Koch, who died age 78 in 1970, on the Waldfriedhof Oberrad, Field III. My German friend Wolfgang Linke visited the cemetery and sent me the grave photos, with thanks..


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