Moore, Ned Dalton Sr.

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Moore, Ned Dalton, born 23-12-1906, in Guthrie Center, Guthrie County, Iowa, the son of Llewllyn Edward Moore (1877–1918) and his wife Maude Lillie Moore (1885–1972). Ned had one brother Roger Willard Moore (1908–1994) and he was married with Vivian Marie Moore (1915–2003). They had one son Ned Jr. Dalton Moore (1932–2017). Ned Jr. graduated from Guthrie Center High School in Iowa and Iowa State University.He participated in the Naval ROTC program at Iowa State and was commissioned a Regular Officer upon graduation in 1956. After serving three years on active duty inJapan, he remained in the Naval Reserve and retired as Captain in 1989. Ned Jr died on 24-12-2017, in Naples, Florida. of a stroke and heart attack.

In 1924 he was graduated from Tulsa High School and was commissionated a second lieutenant in infantry upon graduation from the Us Militairy Academy in 1930. Prior to World War II he served with various infantry units and attended the infantry school at Ford Benning, reaching the rank of 13-06-1940. Early in World War II  Georgia, Ned Moore was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division and remained with the division throughout its training in the United States and its service in Europe. From August 1942  as G-1 in the until February 1945 he served as G-1 of the division, assuming the additional duty of Acting Chief of Staff in December 1944 during the historte stand of this division in Bastogne. under command of General  Anthony McAuliffe In February 1945 he was named Chief of Staff of the division and remained in this possition until unactiviation of the December 1945 when he returned to the Unted States.While serving with the 101 Airborne Division in the Europian theater, he participated in the Normandy, Rhineland, Ardennen and Central Europe campaigns.

Casualties of the 101 Airborne during this campaigns: totaal battle casualities 9.328, killed 1.766, wounded in action 6.388, missing in action 207 and prisoner of war 967.

Between World War II and the Korean war General Moore was assigned to the US Military Academy as public information officer and attended the Armed Forces Staff in Norfolk, Virginia. Returning to oversea service in 1948, he was assigned to Japan and commanded the 188th Parachute Infantry Regiment and later the 17th Infantry Regiment. In September 1949 he was assigned as deputy and executive officer of G-3 section, Headquarters 8th Army. After the outbreak of the Korean war he was assigned to command the 19th Infantry Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division then fighting in Korea, a command he held until evacuation to Japan in February 1951. While he commanded the 19th Regiment, that unit participated in four Korean campaigns and some of the most bitter fighting of the war. During this period he was awarded among other decorations, the Distinquised Service Cross He returnd to the United States after a period of hospitallization and attended the National War College from August 1981 to August 1982 when he was assigned to the Army General Staff as Chief of the Military Personnal Management Division in the Office of the
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1. In September 1983 General Moore arrived in Korea for his second tour and served as Chief of Staff Headquarters IX Corps-Group-until May 1984 when he was assigned as Chief of the Army Section Military Assistance Advisory Group Japan. He remained in Japan until May 1956 when he was assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief for Supply and Logistion.Departement of the Army. In October 1958 General Moore was assigned as director in the office of Personnal Policy in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defence of Manpower, Personnal and Reserve.

On retirement, General Ned Moore settled in the Washington area as a permanent resident. He spent winters in Naples, Florida.

Death and burial ground of Moore, Ned Dalton.

Ned Dalton died on 08-10-1992, age 85, in Fairfax, Fairfax City, Virginia, USA, of kidney failure and hepatitis at Fairfax Hospital Kirkland/Washingto. Survivors include his wife, Vivian Moore of Falls Church; two sons, Ned D. Moore Jr. of Naples and retired Air Force Col. David R. Moore of Mechanicsburg, Pa.; four grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Ned Dalton is buried at.Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, VS Section: 8, Site: 10251.

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