Massow, Albrecht von.

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Massow, Albrecht von, born 12-05-1879 in Oldenstadt, District Uelzen, joined the Army, as a Fahenenjunker and Battalion leader, age 17, on 24-03-1897, in the 18th Field Artillery Regiment. He started a pilot training on 01-07-1912, age 33  and was in the fields of the first war as an Adjutant in the 34th Field Artillery Brigade and already wounded  in hospital from 22-08-1914 until 02-12-1914. He ended the war as a Major in the Prussian War Ministry and retired on 15-12-1919, age 40. Massow activated in the growing Hermann Goering’s (did you know) Luftwaffe , on 01-01-1935, as an Oberstleutant and as adviser with the General Air Equipment Master. At the beginning of World War II, Massow, as an Oberst, was Group leader Luftwaffe with Military Replacement Inspector Berlin until 27-05-1940, Josef Goebbels (did you know) was Gauleiter of Berlin. He then was appointed as commander of Air Equipment Group1 and Quartermaster of Air Region Command I, in Königsberg, until 12-10-1941. General der Infanterie, Otto Lasch

 was the last commander of Fortress Königsberg. Officer with Special Duties, as a Generalmajor, to 22-10-1941 and commander of Air Equipment Group M, in Berlin to 10-11-1941. He became commander of Air Equipment Group 8, in Breslau, to 07-04-1942, Generalmajor der Pioniere, Kommandeur von “Festung” Breslau, Hans von Ahlfen was the commander of Fortress Breslau . Massow’s last command was as a Officer with Special Duties of RLM  and commander in chief of the Luftwaffe until 31-05-1942 and not usable anymore retired, age 63, on 31-05-1942.

Death and burial ground of Massow, Albrecht von.

Living in Schenkenzell, he died at the age of 73, on 06-03-1953 and is buried with his wife Marie Luise, who died age 80 in 1975, on the local cemetery of Schenkenzell.

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