Maisel, Ernst

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  • Manfred Tappe

    A comprehensive and well written report. I enjoyed reading it. I think all the facts are correct. I too lived thru this nightmare being born 1938 in Dortmund. My father served under this criminal government in the Wehrmacht.
    I have visited Field Marshal Rommels grave in Herrlingen and the site nearby where he in desperation took the poison to save his family. Recently I returned from the “Wolfsschanze” and the events of this 12 year Regime led by criminals of the lowest order had a visible impact upon me. I cannot say that I’m ashamed as what took place so long ago as I was to young, but I’m ashamed of those who actively furthered this nightmare.
    If I had a notion to place an eternal curse upon those who actively participated in the murder/eradication of Jews (I also recently visited Auschwitz/Birkenau) I would do so and would hope that these monsters would burn forever in Hell!!
    To gain an understanding of what happened here in the 1940’s defies all human reason.