Kraft, Dr. Karl Adalbert.

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Kraft, Dr. Karl Adalbert, born 24-12-1892 in Therwil, Switzerland, entered the Army Service as a one year war volunteer and Gefreiter, with the 19th Infantry Regiment on 01-04-1914. He was transferred to the Reserve Hospital in Erlangen, until 11-010-1916. Then with the 7th later the 25th Bavarian Infantry Regiments and wounded in hospital from 15-04-1918 and transferred to the Reserve Hospital in Nuremberg. Kraft retired from the Service on 31-01-1919 and volunteered in the Freikorps , Border Protection East, under Franz Ritter von Epp.

  Then joined the Naval Service as an auxiliary medic at the naval hospital in Wilhelmshaven to 23-08-1922, as a naval oberassistent doctor. He became a Naval Staff doctor on 01-11-1924 and High Naval Staff doctor on 01-08-1931. At the beginning of WWII he as a Fleet doctor was medical officer in the Staff of the 2nd Admiral of the Baltic Sea Station, until 25-10-1939. Formation Officer with the Commander of Security of the Baltic Sea to 22-05-1940, as the Western invasion already had started. Appointed as Chief Medical Officer with the Staff of the Commanding Admiral Norway, under Konteradmiral, Ludolf von Hohnhorst, until 21-01-1941. Chief Medic of the Naval Hospital in La Baule, as an Admiral doctor now, until 23-08-1942. Assigned as Chief Medical Officer with the Staff of the Commanding Admiral in France, Wilhelm Marschall,  Marschall died old age 89, on 20-03-1976, in Mölln. As Chief Medical Officer with the Staff of Naval Group Command West,

Death and burial ground of Kraft, Dr. Karl Adalbert.

Admiralarzt Karl Kraft died at the age of 52, on 09-02-1943 and is buried at the war cemetery of Bourdon in France. Jerome Rouillé was also so kind to sent me the grave picture of Kraft.

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