Konrad, Rudolf Karl Peter Georg.

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Konrad, Rudolf, born 02-03-1891 in Kulmbach, the son of  Berta, born Puchta Konrad, entered the Army Service on 10-07-1910, age 19, as a Fähnrich in the 1st Königlich Bayerisches Feldartillerie-Regiment „Prinzregent Luitpold“ . After finishing the war school he on 26-10-1942 was promoted to Leutnant. He was on the front of the first war as a Battery Officer and received the Iron Cross second class  and soon he was an Oberleutnant, 14-01-1916. He was allowed in the new Reichswehr   and became a Generalmajor on 01-04-1939 with the command of the XVIII Army Corps. With this corps he participated in the Poland Invasion and was awarded with the claps of the Iron Cross. Begin 1940 he was transferred to OAK 2, Army Group of General Field Marshal, Freiherr Maximillian von Weichs  he was appointed to Chief of the General Staff of the 2nd Army  and involved in the Western battles. He landed in the Führer Reserve  and assigned as Signal Service delegated to Hermann Goering’s (did you know) Luftwaffe. Promoted to Generalleutnant on 01-02-1941 and in autumn 1941 as commander of the 7th Mountain Division, nicknamed ”  Bergschuh Divison” “Climbing Boot Division ” , lost this command to Generalmajor Wilhelm Weiss , before he could take it and became the commander of the XXXXIX Mountain Army Corps. The 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division “Prinz Eugen” was a German mountain infantery division of the Waffen SS  , under SS Brigade Führer, Otto Kumm Wilhelm Weiss died age 57 on 24-02-190 in Wassenburg am Inn. As a Commanding General of the Mountain Troops on 01-03-1942 he was assigned as General commander of the XXXXIX Mountain Corps, succeeding General der Gebirgstruppe Ludwig Kübler His name was called in the official Wehrmacht Report for his brave behavior during he attack of the City of Bataisk, on 27-07-1942. He was awarded with the Iron Cross of the Iron Cross on 01-08-1942 and received the German Cross in Gold on 23-02-1944. Konrad’s Corps was destroyed in the Krim and Konrad landed again in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know). His son Leutnant Eberhard was killed age 21, on 07-10-1944. At the beginning of 1945 he was appointed to Commanding General of the General Command of the LXVIII Army Corps, succeeding General der Flieger, Hellmuth Felmy.

Death and burial ground of Konrad, Rudolf Karl Peter Georg.

He also landed in Allied captivity and released in 1947 he retired in Munich, where he at the age of 72 died, on 10-06-1964. Konrad is buried with his wife Gertrud, who died very old age 94 on 01-08-1994,  on the cemetery St. Reno in Bad Reichenhall, near Berchtesgaden. Ebenfalls dort ruhen seine Mutter Berta und sein Sohn Eberhard ( 24-02-1923 in München), der am 07-10-1944 als Leutnant beim Kampf an der Murmanfront am Eismeer gefallen ist. Close to his grave is buried the Flyer Ace, Major, Gruppenkommandeur III./Jagdgeschwader 52  and II./Jagdgeschwader 11 Günther Rall.  

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