Haupt, Hans-Joachim.

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Haupt, Hans Joachim, born 26-06-1876 in Schlegelsburg near Soldin (Neumark) joined the infantry regiment “Hiller von Gärtringen” (4th Posensches) No. 59 in Deutsch-Eylau on 07-03-1896 as a second leutnant. From 01-10-1902 he served as adjutant in the III. Battalion of his regiment, was then deployed in the same function at the district command Deutsch-Eylau and as such was promoted to leutnant on 20-03-1906. Haupt retired from active service on 30-03-1910 and was transferred to the reserve.

After the outbreak of the First World War, he was reactivated in November 1914 in the replacement battalion of the infantry regiment “Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin” (4th Brandenburg) No. 24. With this he was deployed on the western front and participated as the chief of a company in the storming of Fort Douaumont. As a Hauptman of the reserve (since 08-03-1915) he was taken over on May 13 in the active relationship and on 18-5-1916 to the commander of the III. Battalion of the regiment appointed. He had received the Pour le Mérite on 16-03-1916 for his services.

Haupt remained with the troops beyond the end of the war and, after being returned to his home country and demobilized there in Neuruppin, was commander of the III. Battalion of the Oven Volunteer Regiment. From 01-07-1919, he was then active at the processing office of the 24th Infantry Regiment, was assigned to the protective police in September and released from active service on 30-01-1920 with promotion to major. Haupt then joined the Berlin Security Police as a police major and became a police Oberstleutnant there in August 1933.

As a Oberstleutnant, Haupt changed to the army on 15-10-1935 and he was used in the Staff of the General Command of III. Army Corps. under command of Generaloberst Curt Haase Kurt Haase died on 09-2-1943, at the age of 61 of heart disease, in Berlin.

There Haupt was promoted to Oberst on 01-04-1937. On 27-08-1939 he was awarded the character of Generalmajor.The day before he was on the staff of the Deputy General command of the III. Army corps come.

Death and burial ground of Haupt, Hans Joachim.

Haupt remained in this role at the beginning of World War II and was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-03-1941. On 30-07-1942, Haupt died of colon cancer and was buried in the Invalidenfriedhof in Berlin. His grave was marked with a restitution stone after 1989.



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