Goerdeler, Fritz Hermann.

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Goerdeler, Fritz Hermann, born 06-03-1886, in Schneidemühl, now Piła, Poland, the son of dr. Julius Goerdeler, Prussian district Judge and Adelheid Roloff. Like his three brothers, he studied law (1902 to 1905, in Tübingen and Königsberg). Fritz’s son Dietrich Goerdeler, born 24-08-1914 is missing in Pomerania since March 1945″. Fritz’s brother Christian was born on 31-05-1917 as the second of five children in Solingen, grew up in Königsberg and Leipzig and joined the Reichswehr on  01-04-1936 – the refusal to become a party member blocked his way to study and one himself subsequent civil service career. In 1942 he served in occupied France and wrote a letter of protest when hostages were shot. As a result, he was barred from promotion and, after a week in arrest, was transferred to the Russian front as a punishment. On 15-05-1942, Christian Goerdeler was killed in the Battle of Kharkov.  Their youngest brother  Calr Friedrich   was one of the leaders of the conservative widerstand movement in Nazi Germany. grew up in Marienwerder, where his father had taken office as a judge at the local court in 1890. The family ties of the Goerdelers were very close, Carl and Fritz Goerdeler married their cousins, the siblings Anneliese and Susanne Ulrich. After the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Hitler on July 20, 1944, the family members of Carl and Fritz Goerdeler were taken into “family custody” by the Nazis.

Goerdeler studied law and worked as a lawyer. In 1920 he became the mayor of Marienwerder and was reelected in 1932, however he was forced to leave this position in 1933 after he refused to join the Nazi Party. Fritz Goerdeler studied law..

Death and burial ground of Fritz Hermann Goerdeler.

After completing his studies, Fritz Hermann Goerdeler worked as a lawyer. In 1919 Fritz Goerdeler was elected mayor of Marinewerder and in 1932 he was confirmed in office for a further 12 years. But in the early summer of 1933 he had to resign from office because he refused to join the NSDAP (his brother Carl also refused but was able to assert himself as mayor of Leipzig). Fritz Goerdeler moves to Königsberg with his family and becomes city treasurer, initially on an acting basis. Like his brother Carl, Fritz Goerdeler rejected the Nazi regime. He supports his brother by making contact with Nazi opponents in his Prussian environment, both in the civil and military sectors. After the failed assassination attempt on Hitler, Fritz Goerdeler was arrested and sentenced to death on 23-02-1945. On 01-03-1945, age 58, Fritz Goerdeler was murdered in Berlin-Plötzensee, hung on piano strings about half of those executed were Germans, most of whom were sentenced to death for resisting the Nazi regime, including members of the Red Orchestra, the 20 July Plot, and the Kreisau Circle. 677 executed prisoners were from Czechoslovakia, including many members of the Czech resistance against the Nazi occupation of 1938-39. 253 death sentences were carried out against Poles and 245 against French citizens. These people included both members of the resistance organizations and people who were deported to Germany for forced labour. About 300 were women.

After their execution, their bodies were released to Hermann  Philipp Rudolf Stieve, an anatomist at the medical university, who died 05-09-1952 , age 66, in Berlin, Germany, of what is now the Humboldt University of Berlin. He and his students or assistants dissected them for research purposes. Stieve was particularly interested in the effects of stress on the menstrual cycle and wrote 230 articles based on this research, including one showing that the rhythm method was not an effective method of preventing conception..

During the Nazi era as one of the main places of the death penalty, where about 3,000 prisoners were executed..Fritz Hermann Goerdeler has also like his brother Carl, a remembrance stone at the Heidelberger Bergfriedhof.

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  1. It has been disproved that piano wire was used in the
    executions. They used thin cord with a slip knot and the other end attached to the hook. Where the “piano wire” myth originated is not known. Piano wire would not slide if it were fashioned into a noose and would cut into the neck making it impractical for hanging.

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