Reynaud, Paul.

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Reynaud, Paul, born 15-10-1878 in Barcelonnette, France,  the son of Alexandre and Amelie (born Gassier) Reynaud. His father had made a fortune in the textile industry, enabling Reynaud to study law at the Sorbonne. Paul studied law at the Sorbonne and became a highly successful lawyer. A small man with tremendous energy he was nicknamed “Micky Mouse” by his friends. Reynaud entered the Chamber of Deputies in 1914. Politically independent, he developed a reputation as a brilliant debater and held several cabinet posts in the 1930s. An opponent of appeasement, Reynaud became a strong supporter of the military ideas of Charles De Gaulle
  . When Edouard Daladier was ousted in March, 1940, Reynaud became the country’s new prime minister. A week later he met Neville Chamberlain in London and the men signed a joint declaration that that the two countries would not sign a separate peace with Adolf Hitler (did you know) (see Hitler parents). When the German Army invaded France in May 1940, Reynaud responded by appointed Charles De Gaulle to replace Edouard Daladier as minister of war. Reynaud escaped to Vichy France but Henri-Philippe Petain ordered his arrest. Along with Leon Blum, he died age 77, on 30-03-1950,
 113605283_137346455724 Edouard Daladier and Paul Reynaud he was tried in February, 1942, for betraying his country. He was eventually handed over to the Germans who held him prisoner until 1945.

Death and burial ground of Reynaud, Paul.

    R Reynaud was re-elected to the Camber of Deputies in 1946. Three years later the 71-year-old Reynaud remarried and went on to father three children. Paul Reynaud died on 21-09-1966, old age 87 and is buried on the cemetery of Montpernasse.

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