Fischer, Siegfried “Blitz von Pommern”.

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Fischer, Siegfried, “Blitz von Pommern” born 27-11-1918, Pommerndorf, Sudetenland, succeeded for his pilot training in 1940 and came to Hermann Goering’s  (did you know) Stuka Group in Graz, Austria. Shortly after he served in the Supply Staff of Stuka Geschwader 1  under Oberstleutnant Walter Hagen Hagen died age 68, on 24-11-1963 in Kiel. The first combat flight was 15-04-1941 with 6./Stuka Geschwader 1 against the island of Malta, where he participated in the sinking of a British submarine. In 713 flights he was shot down 13 times and he had 25 forced landings and was credited with the destruction of 80 tanks, and 15 aerial victories. He landed two times behind any borders and was wounded two times also. On 17-10-1943 he was awarded with the German Cross in Gold and on 28-02-1945 as a Oberfeldwebel he received the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.  On 17-04-1945 near Frankfurt, on his 713th combat mission; anti-aircraft guns shot Fischer down and he was severely wounded,  In the 5th and 8th squadrons, he completed 713 enemy flights and scored 15 aerial victories. He was shot down twelve times and seriously injured twice. In the last months of the war he flew in the West Prussia-Pomeranian region as a tank destroyer and destroyed over 80 tanks. He was given the nickname “Blitz von Pommern”. He saw the end of the war in a hospital in Zossen, where he was captured by the Soviet Union. He was released on 18-09-1946. After his release he was handicapped after a serious war injury, but still was the victor of the Golden Ski, in Berchtesgaden in 1951 , a slalom combination.

Death and burial ground of Fischer, Siegfried.

     Remy Schrijnen (left)   and Siegfried Fischer at an OdR meeting in Dresden in 1996. Remi (sometimes ‘Remy’) Schrijnen (Kumtich, 24-12-1921 – Hagen, 27-07-2006) was a Belgian (Flemish) volunteer with the Flemish Legion of the Waffen SS, the later 27th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division “Langemarck” (Flemish No. 1) . Remy was one of the few foreign volunteers decorated with the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. Soon after the occupation of the Netherlands and Belgium by German troops in 1940, SS chief Heinrich Himmler began searching for Dutch and Flemish volunteers there to reinforce his newly created Westland SS regiment. Within a few weeks, the full-strength SS regiment could be set up, and last commander was SS Standartenführer Thomas Müller. . Müller’s date of death is unknown.
After the war, war disabled and thus considerably disabled, the enthusiastic skier won the “Golden Ski” of the German Disabled Ski Championships in the Alpine Combined in 1951 in Berchtesgaden. Siegfried lived in Rheinbach as a forester and died at the age of 79, on 26-03-1998. Siegfried Fischer is buried with his wife Gertrud, born Schreter, who died age 70 in 1991, on the small village cemetery of Rheinbach. On his gravestone the proud word, Sudetenland.


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