Drissen, Antonius Johannes Martinus “Toon”.

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Drissen, Antonius Johannes Martinus “Toon”, born 21-04-1920, in Brunssum, the son of Peter Johannes Drissen and Petronella Gertruda Doensen. He was a baker/confectioner, living in Arcen (LB) at address A 284.

During the war, Toon Drissen worked as a baker in Germany for a while and became involved in providing aid to French prisoners of war who fled from Germany and via the Netherlands and Belgium tried to reach their homeland. He was also active involved in providing assistance to people in hiding. When Toon, with the resistance name Tom, was wanted by the Germans, he went into hiding. In the course of 1944 he left for North Brabant and the resistance Knokploeg, vigilante group, Lieshout participated in the resistance. He was also a courier in the Meijerij district. After the arrival of the Americans soldiers, he joined the Stoottroepen/Dutch shock troops. In September 1944 Toon Drissen became a reserve 2nd lieutenant section commander of the 4th company in the 2nd battalion Stoottroepen, department. North Brabant.

Death and burial ground of Drissen, Antonius Johannes Martinus “Toon”.

  With an American patrol he as a guide crossed the Maas in the evening of 17-02-1945 .During the return of this patrol, Toon, age 24, stepped on a mine and was killed with another guide, Ger Ahout, age 25, where it used to be the ferry was from Wellerlooi to Blitterswijck. Gerard Wilhelmus Johannes Petrus Ahout was born on 18-12-1919 in Deurne, the son of Matthijs Josephus Willebrordus Johannes ‘Ties’ Ahout and Maria Josephina Antonia Henrica Goossens. During the war, together with his younger brother Wim, he was a member of the Deurne department of the Council of Resistance, where he was known as ‘Ger’. Towards the end of the war, he joins the Interior Forces as a soldier and goes missing. After two months, his body was found in the Limburg Wellerlooi in the municipality of Bergen. He is seriously disfigured, possibly as a result of a landmine explosion. The date of death is 17-02-1945; Gerard thus turned 25 years old. They were buried on the spot. Wim Ahout (far left) as a member of the RVV Resistance Group Deurne at their base De Zwarte Plak. ( see Bert Poels) From left to right: Wim Ahout, Johan Vosmeer, Cor Noordermeer and Loek Lansdorp More than 750 Brabant resistance fighters were killed or died during the Second World War.

Toon Drissen was reburied on Wednesday 02-05-1945 at the New Roman Catholic Cemetery in Arcen (Limburg), in Section L, Rij J, Grave 24.


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