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Dorn, Hellmuth, born on 30-04-1895 in Merseburg, the son of  Louis Dorn, Regierungs- and Vermessungsrat aswel Landesökonomierat and  Alwine Dorn, born Gelpke, entered the Army as a war volunteer in the 10th Pioneer Battalion, on 16-08-1914, age 19, with the outbreak of the first war. Fahnenjunker in the 20th Pioneer Regiment until 14-01-1915. He was in the field with the 20th until 26-02-1917 and ended the war as an adjutant in the 227th Pioneer Battalion and was allowed in the new Reichswehr . He was in the Staff of the Freikorps “Hülsen”  from 03-02-1919 until 08-03-1919.  Then leader of the Pioneer Company of the Friekorps “Hülsen until 12-05-1919. Bernhard Franz Karl Adolf von Hülsen (20-04-1865 – 21-04-1950) was a German General. He was the son of Prussian Oberstleutnant Hermann von Hülsen (1816–1867) and his second wife Helene, born von Clausewitz. Walter von Hülsen (1863–1947), later General of Infantry, was his older brother.Hülsen married Magdalene von Schaper on 31-07-1896 in Berlin.On 26-12-1918 after World War I, Hülsen formed the Freikorps (von) Hülsen, a paramilitary unit which participated in the suppression of the Spartacist League in Berlin. In 1921, Generalleutnant von Hülsen commanded units in the Battle of Annaberg in Upper Silesia.

Hellmuth Dorn was transferred  into the Pioneer Battalion of the 3rd Reichswehr Brigade until 12-11-1919.  With the Mortar Company of the 103rd Infantry Regiment until May 1920. He married on 28-03-1931 with Annemarie Feßler  He became at an instructor at the Infantry School in Dresden until 01-08-1936.

With the outbreak of WWII he was an adviser in the Army General Staff, 5th Department and got the command of the 47th Pioneer Regiment Staff, until 05-01-1941. Dorn was with the Staff of Army Group A File:Oberbefehlshaber Heeresgruppe.svg, under Generaloberst Gerd von Rundstedt later Group West to 25-07-1942 under Generalfeldmarschall Günther “Hans” Kluge

   To 25-11-1942 Dorn was commander of the Pioneer Regiment Staff 617. As Chief of Department Pioneers in the Staff of General of Pioneer and Fortresses in OKH, until 20-04-1945. He then landed in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) to his captivity by the Americans, on 09-05-1945.

Death and burial ground of Dorn, Hellmuth.

He was released on 27-06-1947 and lived in Farchant, Bavaria, where he at the age of 66 died, on 22-03-1962. Dorn is buried with his wife Annemarie, who died old age 96 in 1989, on the village cemetery of Farchant. John Mann of the US Army, stationed in Oberammergau, reported me that the gravestone of General Dorn was removed and sent me a picture of the changed location.


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