Csataj, Vitéz Lajos Csatay de.

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Csatay, Vitéz Lajos Csatay de, born 01-08-1888 as Lajos Tutzentaller in Arad, Kingdom of Hungary (now in Romania). Vitéz was a Hungarian military officer and politician, who served as Minister of Defence between 1943 and 1944. He fought in the First World War then he joined to the Hungarian Red Army to fight against the rebel nationalities. Between 1919 and 1921 he was a teacher of the Military Academy of Budapest . From 1926 he was a commander of miscellaneous brigades. In 1943 he became commander of the Hungarian Third Army.

Miklós Kállay appointed him as Minister of Defence in June 1943. Initially Vitéz, here from left with Generalleutnant Paul von Hase, Vice Admiral Leopold Bürkner and Hermann Reinecke  supported the Nazis and met Adolf Hitler and the continuation of the war. On 20-07-1944, after the failed assassination of Hitler at the Wolf’s Lair in East Prussia, Generalleutnant Paul von Hase ordered Major Otto Ernst Remer

  of the Infantry Regiment Großdeutschland to seal off the government quarter in Berlin during the subsequent coup d’état attempt. Remer later removed the cordon and Hase was arrested by the Gestapo that evening whilst he was dining with Joseph Goebbels. In the trial against him and a number of other members of the plot at the Volksgerichtshof of Nazi jurist  Roland Freisler  on 08-08-1944, he was sentenced to death and hanged later the same day at Plötzensee Prison in Berlin

. Vice Admiral Leopold Bürkner died on 15-07-1975 in Frankfurt. He was aged 81. General Hermann Reinecke in 1942 was promoted to General of the Infantry. Following the 20 July plot coup attempt, Joseph Goebbels

tasked him with retaking the Bendlerblock, and he was then an assessor on the judging panel at the People’s Court trials of the conspirators. Reinecke was sentenced to life imprisonment. His sentence was reviewed by the “Peck Panel”. He was released in October 1954. General Reincke died 10-10-1973, aged 85, in Hamburg.

Later his opinion changed continuously. After the replacement of the Sztójay administration he kept his position. The new prime minister, Géza Lakatos’s,

real aim was jumping out of the war. Geza Lakatos was the very last constitutional Prime Minister of the Royal Kingdom of Hungary between 29-08-1944 and 15-10-1944 before his arrest and subsequent installation of a puppet sucessor to the Prime Ministerial post by the Nazi invaders. The final years of this great man, a national hero, the immigrant in Australia was among loving family and fellow countrymen until his quiet and peaceful passing away in Adelaide, 24-05-1967, age 77..

The cabinet wanted to initiate peace negotiations with the Allies. Miklós Horthy

moved to reconsolidate his influence and began considering strategies for surrendering to the Western Allies because he deeply distrusted the Red Army. The attempted coup was not successful. Horthy was captured by SS Brigadeführer Edmund Veesenmayer

and his staff later on 15 October and taken to the Waffen SS office, where he was held overnight. At the end of his life. Edmund Veesenmayer lived in Darmstadt, where he died, age 73, on 24-12-1977 in Darmstadt.

Death and burial ground of Vitéz Lajos Csatay de Csataj.

Lajos Csatay was captured by the Gestapo; as a result he committed suicide along with his wife on 16-10-1944, aged 58, in  Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary. His grave is standing on the Farkesreti cemetery, Section 8/3-1- grave 153/154.

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