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Conrad, born Cann, William, born on 27-09-1920 Louisville, Kentucky, was the son of a theatre owner, who moved his family to California, when William was a boy. He changed his name from John William Cann, in the actor name William Conrad. Conrad served as a fighter pilot in World War II. On the day he was commissioned in 1943 at Luke Field, he married June Nelson. He left the US Army Air Force  with the rank of captain and as a producer-director of the Armed Forces Radio Service. Conrad played a role in the war movie First to Fight , this is a 1967 American Warner Bros war film, a force of American Marines are caught by the Japanese in the jungles at Guadalcanal. “Shanghai” Jack Conell, Conrad, is the sole survivor of his squad, and when he makes it back to his own lines he is awarded the Medal of Honor.

Death and burial ground of Conrad, born Cann, William.

 William Conrad died at the age of 73, on 11-02-1994 in Los Angeles, California, from congestive heart failure, he was too heavy the last years of his life and is buried in the Lincoln Terrace Section, at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery

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