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Quay, Jan Eduard de, born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch on 26-08-901. After attending a Jesuit school in Katwijk, he graduated in psychology from the University of Utrecht in 1926. The following year he was awarded a doctorate for his thesis on the contribution of sensory and motor factors to the learning and labour process. In 1928 he was appointed lecturer in psycho technology at the Catholic college of higher education in Tilburg (now the University of Tilburg) and in 1933 professor of business economics and psycho technology at the same institution. During the pre-war mobilization of the Netherlands (see About) (see Jan Ackermans) De Quay became a lieutenant in the reserve. In July 1940 he formed the Triumvirate of the controversial nationalist Dutch Union with Louis Einthoven and Hans Linthorst Homan. This Union was controversial because its leaders suggested partial collaboration with the German occupiers. In August 1940 De Quay started secret meetings with the fascistic National Front in order to fuse the two organizations. During these talks De Quay called himself a fascist, the Union a fascistic organization and said that he rejected democracy. In May and June of the same year he was government commissioner for labour at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In this position he encouraged the Dutch population to seek employment in Germany. From July 1942 to June 1943 he was interned in Haaren, after which he went into hiding from the occupation authorities. This lasted until June 1943, when he went into hiding. Following the liberation of the area south of the rivers in late 1944, he became chairman of the Board of Commissioners for Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Commerce set up to restore the national economy. From April 5 until June 23, 1945, De Quay was Minister of War in the Cabinet Pieter Sjoerds Gerbrandy

  On 01-11-1946 he became Queen’s Commissioner of North Brabant until 19-05-1959. (see Queen Wilhelmina) He served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from May 19, 1959 until July 24, 1963. He served as a Member of the Senate from 25-06-1963 until 22-07-1966. During the Cabinet Zijlstra he served as Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and Deputy Prime Minister from November 22-11-1966 until 05-04-1967.

Death and burial ground of Quay, Jan Eduard de.

On 13-06-1967 he again was a Member of the Senate until 16-09-1969.  De Quay died on 0-07-1985 in Beers near Cuyk, he was 83 and is buried on the local cemetery of Beers.



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