Müller, Christian.

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Müller, Christian, born  06-10-1904, was an Oberst and operation officer in the with the Army Group A, under General der Panzertruppe, Fritz Huber Gräser  from 25-04-1944 until June 1944 and  Chief of Staff  in the 4th Panzer Army, under command of General of the Panzer Troops, Hermann Balck

    from 11-09-1944 until 25-01-1945. The 4th  Panzer Army was, before being designated a full army, the Panzer Group 4, Panzergruppe 4, a German Panzer Army that saw action. Its units played a part in the invasion of France, and then on the Eastern Front. Some elements of the German Fourth Panzer Army also suffered casualties in operations around Stalingrad  during the Soviet counter offensive. Various scholars have estimated the Axis suffered 850.000 casualties of all types (wounded, killed, captured…etc) among all branches of the German armed forces and its allies, many of which were POW’s who died in Soviet captivity between 1943 and 1955: 400.000 Germans, 200.000 Romanians, 130.000 Italians, and 120.000 Hungarians were killed, wounded or captured. Of all of the German POW’s taken at Stalingrad, only 5.000 returned to Germany in 1955. Christian Müller became a  Generalmajor and survived the war.

Death and burial ground of Müller, Christian.

Living in Burgwedel, Müller died at the old age of 88, on 21-12-1992 and is buried with his wife Helga, born Kayser, who died old age 85, on 16-05-1998, on the Stadtfriedhof of Burgwedel. His close neighbor is Generalleutnant der Kavallerie, Kommandeur Nord West France, Friedrich “Fritz” von der Lippe

   and on the Evangelistic Lutheran Cemetery of Burgwedel is buried General der Infanterie, Kommandeur 8th Heeresgruppe Süd, Otto Wöhler.


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