Preu, Erich.

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Preu, Erich, born 23-08-1884 in Römerstadt, Moravia, entered the Army age 19 as a Fahnenjunker on 02-09-1903 with the 1st Württembergisches Grenadier-Regiment “Königin Olga” Nr. 119 . He after his education on the war school became a Leutnant on 27-01-1905, He was ordered to a pilot training in 1913 and came on the front with the 3rd Field Flight Squadron. Serving in different regiments he ended the war as an Oberleutnant and remained in the new 10 divisions Reichswehr until spring 1920 as he retired. Reactivated in the growing Hermann Goering’s Luftwaffe on 01-04-1933 and with the beginning of World War II, meanwhile as an Oberst, was Airport Area Commander of Prague. Mid June 1940 he was appointed as Commander Flight Communication Officer with the Luftwaffe Commander in Paris, under General Field Marshal der Flieger, Hugo Sperrle, to August 1940.

  He got the same position in Bordeaux and later of Command 5-XII. In March 1942 he was Airport Area Commander 21-XI in Seschtschinskaja, in the East until June 1942. Airport Area Commander 3-III, in Neubrandenburg until 01-12-1942 and wounded  in battle was service disabled and returned home. In hospital he lost his command but was promoted to Generalmajor on 01-02-1943. after his recovery he landed in the Führer Reserve and retired on 31-10-1943, age 59. End 1944 he was assigned as Military Adviser of District Staff Command of the Volkssturm in Praque until 08-05-1945.

Soldiers of the Volkssturm man a trench system in the late months of the war, armed mainly with World War l-vintage rifles. The price paid by the Volkssturm for their last-ditch defence of the Reich is unclear, but the number of those killed or captured would potentially reach 175,000.

Preu landed in Soviet captivity and sentenced to 25 years imprison on 18-12-1949, He was released by the intervention of the Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer


Death and burial ground of Preu, Erich.

Living in Heidenheim, Preu died at the old age of 82 and is buried on the cemetery Toterberg in Heideheim, alas his gravestone is removed.


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