Broich, Friedrich Kurt Hans “Fritz” Freiherr von.

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Broich, Friedrich Kurt Hans "Fritz" Freiherr von
Broich, Friedrich Kurt Hans “Fritz” Freiherr von, born 01-01-1896 in Strassbourg, Elsass, was a German career military officer and Panzer commander in World War II. Von Broich was a nobility officer candidate, as he entered the Army, on 02-07-1914, in the 2nd Pommerische Ulanen Regiment  and after the outbreak of the first world war, after Fähnrich, promoted to Leutnant. He participated in the war in 1915 on the Western front and in 1916 on the Eastern front, where he is wounded , promoted to Oberleutnant. He remained in the Reichswehr and joined World War II on the Western Front, as commander of the 34th Information Regiment. He is again promoted, now to Oberst and with the 22nd Cavalry Regiment involved in the invasion of Russia . He lands for one month in the Führer Reserve (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) and with the Division “Von Broich” transferred to Africa, under Generalfeldmarschall der Panzertruppe, Erwin Rommel  Now promoted to Generalmajor in February 1943, with the command of the 10th Panzer Division  File:10th Panzer Division logo 2.svg.  Several Wehrmacht officers who had served in the 10th Panzer Division  were active in the German Resistance against Adolf Hitler and were imprisoned or executed after their unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him in the July 20 Plot of 1944. General der Panzertruppen Ferdinand Schaal GeneralSchaal , active in the resistance and imprisoned until the end of the war, but survived. He died age 73, on 09-10-1962 in Baden Baden. Syndikus Albrecht von Hagen 
424px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_151-02-12,_Volksgerichtshof,_Albrecht_von_Hagen,_Peter_Graf_York_von_Wartenburg   active in the resistance and executed after the failure of the July 20 Plot, age 40 on 14-08-1944 and Oberst der Kavallerie, Chef des Stabes, Graf Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg  
  , who placed the bomb that was intended to kill Hitler at Wolfsschanze  . He was executed on 20-07-1944, age 36 and later became a symbolic figure of the German Resistance. They also took part in the failed Axis offensive of Operation Ochsenkopf in late February 1943. When the Axis line collapsed in May 1943, the division was trapped. It surrendered on 12 May and was never rebuilt  Also serving with the division was Unteroffizier Erich Peter,  who served from 1939 to 1943, later became Generaloberst and Deputy Minister for National Defense and Chief of the Border Police Troops of the German Democratic Republic, the DDR.  As a Generalleutnant from Mai 1943, Broich is in British captivity in Tunesien, near Gombalia.

Death and burial ground of Broich, Friedrich Kurt Hans “Fritz” Freiherr von.

   Friedrich Von Broich was integrated in the General Camp of Trent Park, until 07-10-1947, one year after my birth. Released, he lived in Leoni, near the Starnbergersee and died at the age of 78, on 24-09-1974. He is buried on the village cemetery of Leoni. His wife, Olegard Freiin von Broich-von Lützow, died ten years earlier, age 66, on 13-10-1964.

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