Doré, Gerard.

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Doré, Gerard, born 29-08-1927 in St. Prime,Val Jalbert Roberval, Quebec, Canada, son of Isidore Dorë and Marianne (born Leboeuf) Doré, of County Roberval, Roberval, Quebec. Brother of Rita, Maurice Rene, Jean-Joseph, Marie-Ange, Irène, Hélène, Hermance and Thérèse.

Gerard he was determined to participate. At the age of 15, he left the family home and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Artillery   on 03-04-1943 by cheating his age, indicating that he was born on 29-08-1924, which his physique leads him to believe. He expressed a desire to go into combat and pilot a Canadian Armored Corps  tank. He first served as an artilleryman in the Royal Canadian Artillery. At the beginning of October 1943, it is attached to the Armored Corps at Camp Borden, but camp officials recommend that it be attached to a francophone infantry unit, rather than the Armored Corps. In November he was at Valcartier, performing administrative duties, but in April he was sent to Debert in Nova Scotia. He left for Great Britain on 01-05-1944 where he was included in the Fusiliers Mont-Royal.

Death and burial ground of Doré, Gerard.

On July 8-1944, his regiment landed in Normandy to be immediately assigned to the front. Gérard Doré served in Company D of the regiment and was killed on Sunday at the Battle of Verrières Ridge. 23-07-1944. One month before his 17th birthday. He initially was buried near Barres. Gerard is reburied in the Bretteville-sur-Laize Canadian Military Cemetery, near Cintheaux, in Normandy.  

Michel Le Baron, President of the Juno Committee, paid tribute to Gérard Doré in front of the monument erected in his memory several years ago, and in the presence of his sister-in-law and members of his family.

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