Ammon, Carl von.

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Ammon, Carl von, born on 27-07-1878 in Charlotteburg, entered the Army Serve on 11-09-1897, almost 6 months before the birth of Adolf Hitler (see Alois) +(see Hitler parents).
    As a Fahnenjunker he served in the 2nd Foot Guards Regiment and promoted to Leutnant on 27-01-1899. Transferred to the Leib-Husaren-Regiment 1 on 10-11-1900 and promoted to Oberleutnant. He became the adjutant in this regiment on 06-05-1910 and promoted to Rittmeister from 01-10-1913. He participated in World War I as IIb officer in the Staff of the 36th Infanterie Division. From 20-12-1917 assigned as Battalion commander of the Reserve Infanterie Regiment 229 and as commander of the 2nd Leib Husaren Regiment  he retired unhurt on 31-12-1919. He reactivated  in the Army again as a Major and as Replacement Inspector in the Wehrkreiskommando and promoted to Oberstleutnant on 15-05-1934. At the start of World War II, Ammon, at the age of 61, was already an older General, received the rank of Generalmajor first on 01-04-1940. Ammon, a dutiful slow administration soldier, was during the whole war, until 01-11-1944, the Military Replacement Inspector of Stettin and succeeded by Konter Admiral Günther Horstmann , and connecting in the Führer Reserve OKW,
(did you know) until his retirement on 28-02-1945, at the age of 67. Günther Horstmann survived the war and after being in Soviet captivity from 03-05-1945, released on 09-10-1955. Horstmann died, old age 98, on 09-02-1993 in Basel, Switzerland. Hitler and Eva Braun’s (see Braun parents)
    ashes were scattered from the Schweinebrücke over the river Ehle in Biederitz. The Russian soldiers who did the job said that Hitler’s ring was threw from the bridge aswell and in August 2013 people where apparently still searching for it ?

Death and burial ground of Ammon, Carl von.

General Carl Ammon lived a quiet life, without being in Allied prison after the war, in the town of Wasserburg. He died a year after his retirement, at the age of 68, on 23-09-1946 and is buried with his wife Lore, who died 83 in 1983, on the village cemetery of Wasserburg.

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