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Atkinson, Joseph Harris, born 05-02-1900 in Dublin, Texas, was a United States Air Force General. He was the commanding General of the 5th Bombardment Wing during World War II. He enlisted in the Army on 20-12-1922, became a flying cadet in September 1923, and earned his wings and commission as a second lieutenant 13-09-1924 after completing training at Brooks and Kelly fields. He also served with the 12th Observation Squadron  , commanded by Major Henry “Happy”Arnold
     . During world War II, Joseph Atkinson, was commander of different Bombardment Squadrons. On 18-01-1943, Atkinson was promoted to Brigadier General and made Commanding General of the 5th Bomb Wing, nickname “The Warbirds” File:5th Bomb Wing.png , stationed first in Africa and later in Italy. While in Italy, General Atkinson was designated as deputy Commanding General of the Fifteenth Air Force in February 1944. He remained in that assignment until July 1944 when he was designated as Commanding General of the III Bomber Command, at MacDill Field, Florida

Death and burial ground of Atkinson, Joseph Harris.

Joseph Harris Atkinson died at the old age of 84, on 06-11-1984 and is buried on the United States Air Force Academy Cemetery in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA, Section 3. Close by the graves of  General, who directed the development of the United States’ original jet engine and jet aircraft. Benjamin Wiley Chidlaw, General Lieutenant, Commander Sixth Air Force, Hubert Reilly Harmon, General, Commander 15th Air Force , Emmet “Rosie” O’Donnel Jr. The Fifteenth dropped 303.842 tons of bombs on enemy targets in nine countries of Europe, including military installations in eight capital cities. Its combat personnel made 148.955 heavy bomber sorties and 87.732 fighter sorties against the enemy. It lost 3.364 aircraft and 21.671 personnel killed, wounded, missing and taken prisoner — 20.30 bomber crewmen and 1.187 fighter pilots.
Also buried here Lieutenant General, Chief of Air Staff, Georg Edward Stratemeyer and Navy Bomber Squadron Leader, Clarence Wade McClusky.

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