Abberger, Erich

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Abberger, Erich born 06-04-1895 in Cologne, joined the Army service on 24-03-1914 age 18 and served on the battlefields of the first war as a Fahnenjunker in the 8th Pioneer-Battalion until 20-10-1915. Promoted to Fähnrich from 03-10-1914 and Leutnant from 31-12-1914. He then was wounded   in hospital on the battlefields of the first war, until 01-03-1916. german soldiers wwi 1918 Recovered transferred to the 8th Pioneer Battalion to 03-07-1916 and became adjutant  of the Battalion on 07-11-1916. Company leader in the 1st Reserve-Battalion to 01-06-1918 and promoted to Oberleutnant on 18-10-1918. Transferred into the 8th Replacement Pioneer Battalion to 02-01-1919. He was allowed in the New Reichswehr   with promotion to Hauptmann on 01-02-1928, Major on 01-11-1934 and Oberstleutnant on 01-08-1937. On 01-10-1932 transferred to the 1st Pioneer Battalion and became Company Chief in the 1st Pioneer Battalion until 01-10-1932. Detached to Combat School Course A in Döberitz. Again transferred to the 1st Artillery Regiment and detached to Command Office Berlin on 01-10-1932 until 18-09-1933. Detached to the Staff of Command-Office Königsberg later one of the famous WII battlefields under General Otto Lasch,

 Lasch, Otto  the “Königsberg defender”.  Abberger was Director of officer course at the Pioneer School in Berlin-Scharnhorst from 01-04-1937 until 26-08-1939. Army Pioneer Officer of the 5th Army to 01-10-1939. Now an Oberst Group Director with the General of Pioneers and Fortresses with the Chief of Army Armaments and Commander of the Replacement Army until 02-09-1942. Army Pioneer Leader of the 11th Army under Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein    to 05-12-1942 and lands in the Führer Reserve. Commander of District III to 01-05-1943, then now a Generalmajor the Higher Pioneer Officer 3 until 08-05-1945 and landed in British captivity.

Death and burial ground of Abberger, Erich.

Released on 27-06-1947 he retired in Wiesbaden where he died at the very old age of 93 and he is buried on the Laubenheim Cemetery of Mainz on Field 1.


Cemetery and grave location of Abberger, Erich.


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