Abberger, Erich

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Abberger, Erich born 06-04-1895 in Cologne, joined the Army service on 24-03-1914 age 18 and served on the battlefields of the first war as a Fahnenjunker in the 8th Pioneer-Battalion until 20-10-1915. Promoted to Fähnrich from 03-10-1914 and Leutnant from 31-12-1914. He then was wounded   in hospital on the battlefields of the first war, until 01-03-1916. german soldiers wwi 1918 Recovered transferred to the 8th Pioneer Battalion to 03-07-1916 and became adjutant  of the Battalion on 07-11-1916. Company leader in the 1st Reserve-Battalion to 01-06-1918 and promoted to Oberleutnant on 18-10-1918. Transferred into the 8th Replacement Pioneer Battalion to 02-01-1919. He was allowed in the New Reichswehr   with promotion to Hauptmann on 01-02-1928, Major on 01-11-1934 and Oberstleutnant on 01-08-1937. On 01-10-1932 transferred to the 1st Pioneer Battalion and became Company Chief in the 1st Pioneer Battalion until 01-10-1932. Detached to Combat School Course A in Döberitz. Again transferred to the 1st Artillery Regiment and detached to Command Office Berlin on 01-10-1932 until 18-09-1933. Detached to the Staff of Command-Office Königsberg later one of the famous WII battlefields under General Otto Lasch,

 Lasch, Otto  the “Königsberg defender”.  Abberger was Director of officer course at the Pioneer School in Berlin-Scharnhorst from 01-04-1937 until 26-08-1939. Army Pioneer Officer of the 5th Army to 01-10-1939. Now an Oberst Group Director with the General of Pioneers and Fortresses with the Chief of Army Armaments and Commander of the Replacement Army until 02-09-1942. Army Pioneer Leader of the 11th Army under Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein    to 05-12-1942 and lands in the Führer Reserve. Commander of District III to 01-05-1943, then now a Generalmajor the Higher Pioneer Officer 3 until 08-05-1945 and landed in British captivity.

Death and burial ground of Abberger, Erich.

Released on 27-06-1947 he retired in Wiesbaden where he died at the very old age of 93 and he is buried on the Laubenheim Cemetery of Mainz on Field 1.



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