Emil Haussmann SS-Sturmbannführer, in Einsatzkommando 12 of Einsatzgruppe D.


Emil Haussmann was the son of an accountant in Ravensburg. Haussmann joined the NSDAP  in January 1930 – three years before the Machtsergreifung – at the age of 19. He was a grade school teacher. In 1937, he became a full-time employee of the Sicherheitsdienst  (SD), and took over the SD Oberabschnitt  Southwest, based in the Judenreferat in Stuttgart

During the Invasion of Poland, Haussmann was part of Einsatzgruppen VI. There he was the “right hand man” for Albert Rapp Commanding this Einsatzgruppe was Erich Naumann, who later became a co-defendant of Haussmann. After the end of hostilities, Haussmann remained with Rapp in Poland; Rapp led the Umwandererzentralstelle in Posen. This office coordinated the expulsion of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews in Reichsgau Wartheland, Reichsgau, Danzig-West West Prussian, East Upper Silesia and Aktion Zamosc.

.Haussmann took part in Einsatzkommando 12 during the invasion of the Soviet Union. In 1947 he was one of 24 defendants at the Einsatzgruppen Trial . On 29 July 1947, he received the indictment along with his co-defendants: (1) crimes against humanity, (2) war crimes , and (3) membership in a criminal organization. Two days later, before the arraignment, Haussmann committed suicide in his cell and was removed from the process. Thus, he was the only defendant at the Einsatztruppen trial who escaped a sentence.