Naumann, Erich.

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Naumann, Erich
germanySS BrigadeführerWaffen SS

Naumann, Erich, born on 29-04-1905 in Meissen, Saxonia. At the age of sixteen, Erich Naumann got a job at a trading company in his hometown of Meissen.. After the school attendance he began 1921 commercial teachings. He left 1933 the company as an attorney. Since 1929 he was member of the NSDAP nr. 170257.. First in the SA then, after the Putsch, changed to the SS, SS-nr.: 107 496. Starting from 1935 as a SS-leader. In the same year the cooperation in the SD began. Naumann, here on the right during a visit from Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler to the Netherlands , became a department manager in the office III of the SD-Hauptamtes. His superior was Heinz Jost, Jost he died age  60, on 12-11-1964, in Bensheim, changing places of work became there Naumann inspector of the state police and the SD in Nuremberg. In the Poland campaign Naumann transferred in the context as, enterprise for mountain of designated employment, of the groups of employments of the state police, the guidance of the group of employments of VITH task, of the groups of employments of the state police, was the fight all realm and German-hostile elements backwards the fencing troop, and simultaneous as comprehensive a destruction of Polish intelligence as possible. After the assault on the Soviet Union Naumann became in November 1941 commander of the group of employments of B as a successor of Arthur Nebe.

  Nebe was executed in the Plötzensee prison, age 50, on 21-03-1945. The group of employments of B mordete in the middle front section (white Russia). The masse executions of Jews and gypsies fell alone in March 1942 over 3.500 humans to the Opfer. Im Decembers 1942 announced to Naumann a total balance from 134.298 murder victims to Berlin. After end of war it was arrested and condemned in the process of group of employments 1948 to death. For him and its accomplice asked a delegation of the German federal daily on 09-01-1951, under it its president Hermann Ehlers (CDU) and the expert in international law Carlo Schmid (SPD), the American High Commissioner John McCloy for grace.


Carlo Schmid.                   Hermann Ehlers.                   McCloy grave.                     John McCloy.

“Also the remainder of the Landsberger may be released, since their punishment represented a heavy load of the rearming problem”. McCloy died old age 93, on 11-03-1989, in Stamford, Connecticut On 07-06-1951.

Death and burial ground of Naumann, Erich.


Naumann as well as the accomplices in the mass murder SS Obergruppenfùhrer, Oswald Pohl, Chief Administrative Officer in the Chancellery of the Fùhrer of the NSDAP, Victor Brack and SS Standartenführer, Paul Blobel

   were executed in Landsberg. 50 years after the execution, before 07-06-2001 the institute line of Landsberg the gravestones on the cemetery provided overhaul to let short, with a copper roof provide and for a uniform flower decoration. In 2003 after protests from the population, the name plates from the grave crosses were removed.


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