The bombing of Zutphen, the Netherlands.


Zutphen is a town in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. It lies some 30 km north-east of Arnhem, on the Eastern bank of the river IJssel at the point where it is joined by the Berkel

220px-voorgevels_met_oorlogsschade_na_bombardement_op_de_achtergrond_twee_kerktorens_-_zutphen_-_20001459_-_rce   On the 14th of October 1944, Zutphen was bombed by the allies

At 4 PM three allied bombers flew over Zutphen theor task was to destroy the Ijsselbrug (Ijssel Bridge) in order to disrupt the supply of arms and block the German troops going in the direction of Arnhem.

The bridge was destroyed but so was a nearby part of the town. DeRozengracht, Kreijnckstraat, Barlheze en Apenstert were complete wiped away.The station was badly damaged.


It is not exactly know how many people died that day but 92 were buried a great number of victims was never found.



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