Wimmer, Wilhelm.

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Wimmer, Wilhelm, born 09-09-1889 in Vilsbiburg, Bavaria, the same year as Adolf Hitler, entered the Army Service, age 20, on 23-09-1909, as a Fahnenjuncker and Company Officer in the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment . He was detached to the War School in Munich, on 30-09-1910, for a pilot training with the Bavarian Flying Battalion Schleissheim. During the first war Wimmer was a Flying adviser and retired on 30-09-1920. He than was detached to the Firing School Wünsdorf. . In 1929 Wimmer was appointed Chief of the Statistical Group of the Department of Testing at the Army Weapons Office, where he was responsible for aircraft development, testing and procurement. From this 1933, the Office C (later Technical Office) in the Reich Ministry of Aviation emerged that Wimmer continued to lead. He was instrumental in this role in the upgrade of the Luftwaffe. After General Walther Wever’s death in June 1936, Wimmer, who had meanwhile been promoted to Generalmajor, was replaced by the personal friend of Hermann Goering  Ernst Udet

as Chief of the Technical Office and instead appointed to the Higher Flying Commander 3 based in Dresden. In the formation of the 2nd Flieger Division (temporarily 12th Flieger Division) from his command in August 1938, he remained their commander. In February 1939 Wimmer then became commander-in-chief of the Air Force Command East Prussia, as which he participated in the Polish campaign. After his promotion to General der Flieger, he led from May to August 1940, the Air Force 1 (Berlin). With the outbreak of World War II Wimmer was the commanding General of the Luftwaffe-Command East Prussia, until 10-05-1940, the start of Operation Gelb, the Western invasion. Till 19-08-1940 he was the acting Chief of Air Fleet 1, commanding General and Commander of Field Air Region Command Belgium, North of France, until 06-09-1944. He landed in the Führer Reserve OKL (see Adolf Hitler)  (did you know), to November 1944, than detached to the Commander in Chief of Paratroops until his captivity on 08-05-1947. Hitler and Eva Braun‘s  ashes were scattered from the Schweinebrücke over the river Ehle in Biederitz.

Death and burial ground of Wimmer, Wilhelm.


Wilhelm Wimmer was released in 1947 and lived in the beautiful Garmisch Partenkirchen,  were he at the old age of 83 died, on 15-05-1973.  Wimmer is buried with his wife Annemarie, born Brug, who died age 83, on 17-11-1978, on the Stadtfriedhof of Garmisch, next to the WWII Generals, Generalleutnant der Panzertruppe, Kommandant Festung Pillau, Eduard Hauser, Generalmajor der Artillerie, Kommandeur Artillerie Regiment Fallschirmjäger, Iwan von Ilsemann, Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 121th Infanterie Division, Otto Lancelle, Oberst der Flieger, Organisater of “Zahme Sau “ tatics, Victor von Lossberg, Generalleutnant der Flieger, Inspector of the Military Replacement Inspection, in Schwerin, Theodor Triendl, Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur des Flughafen-Bereichs 2/XVII, Wilhelm Voelk. A favourite place to live for everybody.

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