Weik, Hans “Hannes”.

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Weik, Hans "Hannes"
Weik, Hans “Hannes”, born 06-07-1922, at Heilbronn in Württemberg. He joined Hermann Goering´s (did you know) Luftwaffe in October 1941. Following completion of his flying training, Weik was posted to I./Jagdgeschwader 3  under flyer ace Hauptmann Hans von Hahn  , based on the Eastern front. Hauptmann von Hahn survived the war but died young age 43 on 05-11-1957 in Frankfurt am Main. On 21-02-1943, as a Leutnant, Weik joined the Geschwaderstab of JG 3. His first victory was achieved on 09-03-1943 when he shot down a Russian Yak-1 fighter. He was to record 10 victories during his time in Russia, including two victories on 21 April to record his 10th and 11th victories.
From May to November 1943, Weik served as fighter pilot instructor with 4th Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost, under command of Major Viktor Bauer . Bauer is credited with 106 aerial victories, achieved in over 400 combat missions, all but four claimed on the Eastern Front and died on 13-12-1969, age 54, in Bad Homburg. However, Weik’s duties as an instructor did not preclude combat for on 06-09-1943, he downed his first four-engined bomber, a USAAF B-17. In November 1943, Weik was transferred to 9./JG 3. On 10-02-1944, Oberleutnant Alfred Humer (21 victories), Staffelkapitän of 10./JG 3, nickname “Udet” , was killed in action and Weik was named his successor. He received the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold  on 10 May. Between February and July, Weik was to claim 23 victories, including 20 four-engined bombers, in only 85 combat missions. He recorded two four-engined bombers shot down on 8 March (20-21). He was to record two victories on four other occasions. Weik also recorded three victories on 24 April and 8 May. On 18 July, he destroyed a USAAF B-17 four-engined bomber , but he had to bale out of his damaged Fw 190A-8/R2 “White 7” wounded in the shoulder and arm. The wounds were serious enough to keep Weik from any further front line duties. On 27 July, Oberleutnant Weik was awarded the Ritterkreuz for 36 victories. Hans Weik was credited with 36 victories in only 85 missions. He recorded, 25 victories over the Western Front, including 22 four-engined bombers. He was one of the foremost Viermottöters. In April 1945, Weik was transferred to III./ Ergänzungs-Jagdgeschwader EJG 2 under command of Oberstleutnant Heinz Bär at Lechfeld to train on the Me 262 jet fighter. Post war, Weik studied architecture. He planned and built many schools, sports auditoriums and other buildings. In retirement, Weik indulged his passion for model shipbuilding.

Death and burial ground of Weik, Hans “Hannes”.

 Weik died at the age of 78 on 05-06-2001, at Heidenheim an der Brenz and is buried on the Waldfriedhof of Heidenheim.

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