Rittberg, Georg Graf von.

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Rittberg, Georg Graf von, born 30-06-1898 in Straßburg, Elsaß, moved to Krün in Bavaria and entered the Army Service on 08-08-1914 as a Fähnrich, age 16 and sent to the Cadet School. He was in the fields of the first war with the 61st Field Artillery Regiment and ended the war as an Oberleutnant. He was retired from the Service but reactivated again on 01-10-1935 with the command of the III Battalion of the 1st Artillery Regiment. With the outbreak of World War II he as an Oberleutnant is the commander of 31st Infantry Division under command of Generalleutnant Rudolf Kaempfe,

and on the Western front in Belgium, the Somme and Loire. The 31st Infantry Division joined the newly formed Army Group Vistula and fought in the Danzig area before being captured by the Red Army in May 1945. Twenty-three awards of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross were made to members serving with the division, along with two awards of the Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross. Two of its commanders were killed in action. Generalmajor Kurt Kalmuekoff , killed, age 49 on 13-08-1941 near bei Swonez / Oblast Gomel / UdSSR and Generalmajor Gerhard Berthold , killed age 51 on 14-04-1942 near Juchnow / Korolewka / UdSSR.

Graf von  Rittberg was appointed on 01-10-1940 as commander of the new 131st Infantry Division , in Bergen, Celle. With this division von Rittberg is involved in the battles on the Eastern front, Brest Litwosk, Bialystok, Gomel, Brjansk and Tula, against Moscow. Then fighting in the area Spass-Demensk and appointed to commander of the 23rd Artillery Command, on 01-12-1942. He gets the command of the 2nd Grenadier Regiment of the 11th Infantry Division File:11th Infanterie Division Logo.svg, he succeeded General der Infanterie, Herbert von Böckmann

  and assigned as commander of the 88th Infantry Division  on 22-11-1943, succeeding Generalleutnant Heinrich Roth  ,. Roth died of his wounds, age 49 on 06-11-1943 in a field hospital in Shitomir. With this division he is involved in the retreating battles on the East front. After the battles of Shitomir, Berditschew and specially Tscherkassy he is awarded with the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. For brave retreating fighting’s at Baranow-Bridgehead  he received as the 601st the Oak leaves, on 10-10-1944, meanwhile a Lieutenant General. He lands in Soviet captivity near Glogau on 27-01-1945 and in the prison camps 144, 27.218.48 and at last in prison 1 in Smolensk. Condemned to 25 years imprison but after the intervention of the new Chancellor Konrad Adenauer  released on 09-10-1955.

Death and burial ground of Rittberg, Georg Graf von.

download (39) Retiring in Krün von Rittberg died at the age of 74 and is buried with his wife Elisabeth, born Müller, who died old age 87, on 18-09-1989, on the Stadtfriedhof of Krün, next to the Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 29th Infanterie Division, nickname “Falcon Division” File:29th Infanterie Division Logo.svg, Max Fremery, the 29th was destroyed by the British in northern Italy just before the end of the war. The 29th Infantry Division was innocent of all war crimes except a few minor massacres or civilians. Buried also Oberst in Generalstaff, under General, Andrey Vlasov, General of Secret Service, Heinz Herre.


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