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Staton, Adolphus, born 28-08-1879 in Tarbo, North Carolina and graduated from the United State Naval Academy in 1902. He was reported for his two-year required sea duty on board USS Chicago and the newly commissioned cruiser Cleveland. In June, he was ordered to Office of the Judge Advocate General in Washington, D.C. and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in August 1905. He received the Medal of Honor for actions at the United States occupation of Veracruz in 1914, for distinguished conduct in battle, engagement of Vera Cruz, 22-04-1914; he was eminent and conspicuous in command of his battalion. He exhibited courage and skill in leading his men through the action of the 22nd and in the final occupation of the city. Staton was awarded the Navy Cross in World War I for his actions when his ship, the Mount Vernon, was torpedoed.  During World War I, Lieutenant Commander Staton briefly served on board USS Oklahoma   before commanding USS Dubuque. The Oklahoma would capsize in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.. In April 1918, after three months as Senior Naval Officer on board Army Transport Calamares, he served as Executive Officer on board the ex-German ship Mount Vernon. In July 1918, Staton was promoted to Commander. In February, he transferred to become the Executive Officer for the ex-German ship Leviathan. After fitting out the newly commissioned battleship Tennessee in June 1920, he became her Executive Officer. In April 1922, he graduated from the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island and returned as an assistant at the Judge Advocate General. In April 1924, he began a period of service commanding the ships USS Argonne, USS Asheville, and USS Black Hawk, where he was promoted in June 1925 to Captain. Returning to shore duty, he was in charge of the Officer’s Discipline Division at the Bureau of Navigation in Washington, D.C. In June 1937, Staton retired and was promoted to Rear Admiral on the retired list. In December 1941, he was recalled to active duty in the Office of the Under Secretary, administering laws to remove subversive radio operators from merchant ships. In June 1943, his post was terminated and he returned to inactive status.

Death and burial ground of Staton, Adolphus.

He retired from the military in 1947.  Image preview  He worked in Naval Intelligence and attended the Naval War Collegue and Army  War Collegue in addition to earning a law degree from George Washington University Law School. He died in Chevy Chase, Maryland on 04-06-1964, age  and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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