Schmidt, Kurt “Rudi”.

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Schmidt, Kurt "Rudi"
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Schmidt, Kurt “Rudi”, 28-01-1914 in Plauen in Vogdland, , started his Military career, age 18 with the Reichs Naval , but later entered the Luftwaffe. He  followed a pilot training at the Sea Flying School in Parow. He was commander of the 88th Air Battalion of the “ Condor Legion “ File:ES Legion Condor.jpg in Spain. Commander Generalfeldmarschall der Luftwaffe. Kommandeur Luftflotte 3, Hugo Sperrle..
 During the civil war from 1936 to 1939 with about a hundred flights and received the Spain Cross in Gold. In World War II he was in the 26th Fighter Squadron “Löwengeschwader” Lion Squadron, nickname “Löwen ” File:Wappenschild Kampfgeschwader 257.jpg the only torpedo squadron of the Luftwaffe. His region was from the North Sea to the Red Sea and from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. After hundred actions as a Hauptmann and commander of the II /KG 26 he was awarded with the Knight’s Cross and the German Cross in Gold  on 28-03-1945
.  He ended the war as a Major of the Luftwaffe.

Death and burial ground of Schmidt, “Rudi”.

After the war he worked as a harbour labour and followed an economic study. He wrote a book Ächtung Torpedos los” Living in Esslingen and der Neckar, Rudi Schmidt died old age 86, on 23-02-2000 in Sulzgriess am Neckar. and is buried with his wife, on the Stadtfriedhof of Sulzgries an der Neckar.

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