Schall-Emden, Robin.

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Schall-Emden, Robin, born 22-03-1893 in Stuttgart, joined the Kaiserliche Naval on 01-04-1911 as a Sea Cadet, on board of the Großen Kreuzer, Cruiser, SMS Victoria “Louise”. He came to the Naval School, assigned as a Fähnrich zur See and on 15-04-1912 transferred to the Cruiser SMS Emden . After the outbreak of the first war he was promoted to Leutnant sur See on 03-08-1914 and landed in captivity on 09-11-1914 as his ship was sunk and was released on 06-12-1919. He was allowed in the new and changed his name from Schall to Schall-Emden. He was promoted to Kapitän zur See and with the outbreak of World War II he was the commander of Stralsund along the East Sea. He was appointed to Fortress Commander of Gotenhafen from 13-09-1939 until 17-03-1940 and at the same time Coastal Commander Eastern Baltic Sea. After the occupation of Norway he was the Port Captain of Narvik to 08-05-1940. On 20-06-1940 he took the command again as Coastal Commander Eastern Baltic Sea and Fortress Commander of Gotenhafen until 20-06-1940. Naval Commander West France to 03-12-1940 and promoted to Konteradmiral on 01-12-1940. Placed to the disposal of the Commander in Chief of the Kriegsmarine Karl Dönitz. to 18-02-1941. Chief of Sea Command offices Calais to 07-03-1941 and Admiral   of Sea Command Offices until 14-11-1944.

Death and burial ground of Schall-Emden, Robin.

He landed again in the Führer Reserve OKM to 14-11-1944. Military Replacement Inspector of Schleswig Holstein until 15-05-1945. He landed in British captivity, in Belgium, where he at the age of 52 died, on 29-01-1946, in prison. Schall-Emden is buried on the largest German war cemetery in Europe, Lommel Belgium, 39.000 graves and the next personalities are buried there too. The Generals Heinrich Wittkopf, Konrad von Czettritz und Neuhaus, Dr. Wilhelm Dietrich, Konrad Heinrichs, the SS Obergruppenführer Friedrich Alpers   and the brother of the Flying Ace Adolf Galland, Wilhelm “Wütz” Galland.


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