Wittkopf, Heinrich.

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Wittkopf, Heinrich, born 15-08-1892 in Hildesheim, the son of the secret judge and district judge Heinrich Wittkopf and his wife Mathilde. After graduating from high school, he studied law and theology at the University of Heidelberg. He volunteered in the Army on 14-08-1914 and was promoted to Leutnant with the command of the 166th Infanterie Regiment, on 27-11-1915. He was allowed in the new Reichswehr  after the Armistice in 1918 and assigned as the commander of the 12th Machine Gun Company in April 1923 with the 15th Infanterie Regiment, now a Oberleutnant. With the start of World War II he as an Oberstleutnant was commanding the 12th MG Battalion and promoted to Oberst on 01-10-1940. From 26-10-1940, appointed as Military Commandant of Karlsruhe, commanding 510th Infantry Regiment. From 29-09-1941 Commander of the 530th Infantry Regiment of the Artillery, with the 299th Infantry Division , commander Generalmajor der Infanterie, Karl Göbel The 299th Infantry Division was formed in March and April 1940 from men from Hesse and Thuringia. The 299th Infantry Division first saw action in the 1940 campaign in France, staying in France until June 1941. From June 1941 the 299th Infantry Division then fought on the Eastern Front at the Southern and Central sectors of the front. The 299th Infantry Division gained distinction while fighting on the Eastern Front in the summer of 1943. In July 1944 the 299th Infantry Division was destroyed in fighting on the Eastern Front, reformed in September 1944. The 299th Infantry Division was sent back to the Eastern Front and destroyed in Eastern Prussia in February 1945. Wittkopf received the Knight Cross on 29-09-1941 and assigned as Infantry Adviser to Local Defence Staff and on 01-01-1944 finally reached the rank of Generalmajor. On 01-11-1944, posted to Döberitz Infantry School. From 30-03-1945, appointed Military Commandant of Greifswald commanding 402nd  Infantry Division.

Death and burial ground of Wittkopf, Heinrich.

Heinrich Wittkopf was in Allied prison in Ostende, Belgium were he at the age of 53 died, on 12-02-1946. Heinrich Wittkopf is buried on the largest German war cemetery in West Europe, almost 39.000 graves, in Lommel Belgium. Close by is the grave of the brother of Adolf  “Dolfo” Galland the Flyer Ace Wilhelm Ferdinand “Wütz” Galland. Also buried there, Kommandeur Fallschirm Jäger Regiment 9, SS Obergruppenführer Friedrich Alpers, Flyer ace Hauptmann, 25 victories in the Spain Civil war, Walter Adolph and Konrad Heinrichs  and Vice Admiral, Military Replacement Inspector of Schleswig Holstein, Robert Schall-Emden. Generalmajor der Infanterie, Generalmajor der Kavallerie, Kommandant von Altengrabow, Konrad von Czettritz und Neuhaus
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