Petrauschke, Rudolf.

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Petrauschke, Rudolf, born 29-06-1896 in Trachenberg, Silesia, joined the Army as a war volunteer mid August 1914, age 18 with the 3rd Niederschlesisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 50.  On 27-01-1916 he was promoted to Leutnant der Reserve and in the fields of the first war with the Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.6. Wounded in October 1918  and landed in hospital until the end of the war. He was taken in the new Reichswehr  and became a Leutnant in the Police and Security Service in Hindenburg. He married Lieselotte Vogler on 09-08-1926 and got one daughter and three sons. As a Major on 01-08-1935 he became Kommandeur der Landespolizei-Abteilung Beuthen. He was transferred to the Luftwaffe  on 01-10-1935 as a Major and observer training with the Flyer Group in Fassberg. At the beginning of World War II he was the Fliegerhorst Commander in Quakenbrück, Flieger Ausbildungs Regiment 82 until 15-02-1942. Later transferred to Cottbus with his Regiment. On 01-11-1940 promoted to Oberst and in spring 1941 transferred to Posen. In April 1942 he was assigned as Fliegerhorst-Kommandant in Deblin-Irina, until October 1942. Then appointed as commander of a Luftwaffe Security Department with the 6th Air Fleet, under commander Generalfieldmarshal der Flieger, Ritter Robert von Greim

. On 01-07-1943 assigned as commander of the Officers Education School for land battles, until the end of October 1943. Appointed to commander of the 1st Field Division L and transferred to the north of Russia. His division was destroyed at the beginning of February 1944 and he landed wounded in hospital . Recovered he was taken in the Führer Reserve  (see Adolf Hitler) and became the commander of Air Region Command III.

Death and burial ground of Petrauschke, Rudolf.

End April 1945 he landed in Allied captivity and released two years later. Living in Wunstorf, Petrauschke died age 69, on 12-10-1965 and is buried with his wife Lieselotte, born Vogler, on the Stadtfriedhof of Wunstorf.

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