Missfelder, Johannes.

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Missfelder, Johannes

Missfelder, Johannes, born 04-04-1890 in Sohrau, Silesia, the son of pastor Emil Missfelder and his wife Elise Johannes Missfelder, joined the Army Service, age 19, as a Fahnenjunker in the 73rd Field Artillery Regiment, on 18-03-1910. He started a pilot training  on 01-04-1914, in Leipzig, Lindenthal and already shot down on 18-08-1914.    He was an observer during the first war with the 35th Field Flying Battalion. He retired age 39, on 31-03-1920 and he completed an agricultural training and emigrated to South America around August 1920. There he was first employed in agriculture and then switched to the German-Argentinean Petroleum Company, where he was employed as a topographical clerk for geological studies. From 1923. December 1934 he worked as a surveying engineer in Brazil. Then he returned to Germany and was reactivated in the growing Luftwaffe on 15-02-1935 and with the outbreak of World War II as an Adviser for Ground Organisation in the 2nd Luftwaffe Department Luftwaffe General Staff .Promoted to Oberstleutnant from 20-04-1938, to Oberst on 01-04-1940, and to Generalmajor on 09-11-1944  Successively Air Area Commander of Lübeck, Blankensee to 30-06-1941 and Air Area Commander of 10/XII until 06-06-1943. Senior Quartermaster of German Luftwaffe Mission in Bulgaria until 16-05-1944. Again an Air Area Commander now of 3/XI Schleswig and in Allied, British, captivity, on 25-05-1945. Released on 27-03-1946 anf ater his return he married Herta Schröder.,

Death and burial ground of Missfelder, Johannes.

Missfelder lived in Titisee, Neustadt where he at the old age of 83 died, on 21-03-1974. He is buried on the cemetery of Titisee, Neustadt.


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