Missfelder, Johannes

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Missfelder, Johannes

Missfelder, Johannes, born 04-04-1890 in Sohrau, Silesia, joined the Army Service, age 19, as a Fahnenjunker in the 73rd Field Artillery Regiment, on 18-03-1910. He started a pilot training  on 01-04-1914, in Leipzig, Lindenthal and already shot down on 18-08-1914.    He was an observer during the first war with the 35th Field Flying Battalion. He retired age 39, on 31-03-1920 and was reactivated in the growing Luftwaffe on 15-02-1935 and with the outbreak of World War II as an Adviser for Ground Organisation in the 2nd Luftwaffe Department Luftwaffe General Staff .Promoted to Oberstleutnant from 20-04-1938, to Oberst on 01-04-1940, and to Generalmajor on 09-11-1944  Successively Air Area Commander of Lübeck, Blankensee to 30-06-1941 and Air Area Commander of 10/XII until 06-06-1943. Senior Quartermaster of German Luftwaffe Mission in Bulgaria until 16-05-1944. Again an Air Area Commander now of 3/XI Schleswig and in Allied, British, captivity, on 25-05-1945. Released on 27-03-1946,

Death and burial ground of Missfelder, Johannes.

Missfelder lived in Titisee, Neustadt where he at the old age of 83 died, on 21-03-1974. He is buried on the cemetery of Titisee, Neustadt.


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