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Kurz, Alfred, born 07-09-1879 in Singhofen, joined the Army Service on 07-03-1896, age 16, as a Fahnenjunker with the Infantry Regiment Margraf Ludwig Wilhelm Nr 111  and became a Fähnrich on 18-11-1896. He was an Adjutant with the II Battalion of the Infantry Regiment 111 from 01-10-1901 until 30-09-1905. Promoted to Leutnant on 20-07-1897, to Oberleutnant on 18-10-1907 and adjutant of the 69th Infantry Brigade from 01-10-1912. Promoted to Hauptmann on 01-10-1912 and served in the first war as adjutant and troop positions. Adjutant of the 69th Brigade, adjutant of the 209th Infantry Division to 05-09-1916, then severely wounded in action and in hospital until 02-12-1916. Assigned as leader of the II Battalion of the Infantry Regiment von Borcke Nr 21.  Leader of the 1st Brigade of the German Legion in Courtland. Colonel Ernst Ludwig von Borck died age 72 on  08-10-1772 in Minden.  He left the Army in February 1920 and joined the Security Police in East Prussia. From 01-02-1924 Landesschützen, territorial forces, employee with the Wehrkreis, Military District, Command I in Königsberg. Promoted to Oberst on 01-02-1931 and from 01-10-1930 Landesschützen Officer in the Reichs Defense Ministry until 01-10-1933. Commander of the Lübeck Military Sector Command. Reactivated in the Wehrmacht and appointed as Regional Recruiting Inspector Schleswig Holstein in Altona, Hamburg. From 01-11-1939 Regional Recruiting Inspector Elbing, later Danzig. Kurz was retired from the Army on 28-02-1945, age 65, but placed at the disposal of the Army for employment with the Deputy General Command of the XX Army Corps in Danzig, under General Carl Erik Koehler  Koehler died age 63 on 08-12-1958 in Rheine. 14-03-1945 transferred to the General Staff of the 2nd Army  under General der Panzertruppe, Dietrich von Saucken. In 1945 this army was redisgnated AOK Ostpreußen and was pivotal in the defense of East and West Prussia before finally surrendering on 09-05-1945. From 04-04-1945 leader of the remaining staff of the Deputy General Command of the XX Army Corps, Lübeck. Kurz landed in Allied prison from 02-05-1945     and first released on 26-10-1947.

Death and burial ground of

 Living in Dörnigheim Alfred Kurz who was never married, died at the old age of 84 on 17-10-1963 and is buried, on the local cemetery of Dörnigheim, along the cemetery wall to the Backesweg.



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