Frankewitz, Bruno.

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Frankewitz, Bruno

Frankewitz, Bruno. born 08-12-1897 at Tiefensee/West Prussia, joined as a war volunteer on 15-9-1914 in the 2nd Guards Field Artillery Regiment and served until 1915 as an artilleryman on the Eastern Front in Russia. From 1916 he worked as an artillery observer in the balloon peloton of the 4th Army under command of Generalfeldmarschall Gunther von Kluge on the Western Front in France.

After the First World War, he was first leader of the 1st Company to the storm detachment of Michelmann. On 11-09-1919 he came then in the Reichswehr Infantry Regiment 6. Due to the army reduction Frankewitz joined on 25-05-1920 to the kasernierten Prussian state police. In 1935 he was taken over by the Army of the Wehrmacht. After his promotion to Major on 01-03-1936 he was appointed Commander of the 1st Division of the Artillery Regiment 37 in Gumbinnen.

In World War II Frankewitz led as commander the Artillery Regiment 161 as part of the 61st Infantry Division under command of the General of Infantry Siegfried Haenike, in the Polish campaign and in the Western campaign in France. In the Russian campaign he led the artillery regiment 161 until he promoted to 14-2-1942 Generalmajor and was appointed commander of the 215th Infantry Division. succeeding Generalleutnant Baptist Knieß.  Generalleutnant Kniess survived the war and died 10-11-1956, age 71 in München. He led this division to the Kurlandkessel, from which he was evacuated to Świnoujście. Back in the Reich, he was awarded the contract to set up RAD Division No. 3 “Theodor Körner” from units of the Hitler Youth and the Reich Labor Service (RAD). On 15-04-1945 Frankewitz was personally ordered by Hitler in the bunker of the New Reich Chancellery over the command of the ID “Theodor Körner”. Formed unity 04.04.1945 as RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Division. z.b. V. 3 on the Troup Übung Platz Döberitz. Composed man of 251. ID and 7500 people of the RAD. Artillery. Regiment. Formed by the V. / Volksart. Korps 411  With this division Frankewitz got into US captivity on 07-05-1945, from which he was released on July 08-07-1947. Frankewitz with the XX. Armeekorps, General der Kavallerie Carl-Erik Koehler  Infanterie-Division “Theodor Körner” (RAD Nr. 3) Generalleutnant Bruno Frankewitz Infanterie-Division “Ulrich von Hutten” Generalleutnant Gerhard Engel, Infanterie-Division “Ferdinand von Schill” Oberstleutnant Alfred Müller, later General in the Bundeswehr, Infanterie-Division “Scharnhorst”and Generalleutnant Heinrich Götz, where the last defenders of Berlin. General Carl-Erik Koehler survived the war and died 08-12-1958, aged 63, in Rheine, Oberstleutnant Alfred Müller survived the war and died on 02-07-1997, aged 81, in Münster/Westfalen and Generalleutnant Heinrich Götz, also survived the war and died 31-01-1960, age 64 in Oberaudorf.

Frankewitz married on 31-5-1949 the heiress of House Eyll in Straelen, Mariagnes of Kempis. From the marriage 1952 the son Stefan, historian and book author, emerged.

Death and burial ground of Frankewitz, Bruno.

Bruno Frankewitz died 11-08-1982, age 84, in Straelen bei Geldern and is buried with his wife Johanna who died old age 92 in 2013, on the cemetery of Straelen, Bergstrasse 31, in Field 6, Grave 158-159.

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