Krocker, Victor.

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Krocker, Victor, born 14-08-1888, Frankfurt an der Oder, entered the Army on 19-03-1908, age 19, as a Battery Officer in the 7th Field Artillery and started a pilot training. He served during the first war in the Flying Battalion A and after the war he remained in the new Reichswehr Luftwaffe. He was transferred to Hermann Goering’s  (did you know) Luftwaffe on 01-04-1934 as an Obersteutnant and Air Base Commandant of Jüterborg-Waldlage. At the beginning of World War II he as a Generalmajor was commander of Equipment Staff East until 10-11-1939. Appointed as Officer with Special Duties of RLM and Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe to 03-12-1939. Commander of Luftwaffe Firing Ground Sandomiercz, to 23-04-1941, meanwhile Generalleutnant. The Henschel Hs 129  was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe.  Its nickname, the Panzerknacker (tank cracker), is a deliberate pun—in German, it also means “safe cracker”. In combat service the Hs 129 lacked a sufficient chance to prove itself; the aircraft was produced in relatively small numbers and deployed during a time when the Luftwaffe was unable to protect them from attack. In order to address the poor performance of the aircraft, plans had been underway for some time to fit the plane with newer versions of the Italian Isotta-Franchini Delta engine that delivered 630 kW (850 hp). The engine installation ran into a number of delays however, and was still not ready for production when the plant was overrun by the Allies in 1945. Krocker’s son, leutnant Karl Heinz, was killed in the East on 24-08-1941, age 21. A long command as Military Replacement Inspector of Leipzig, until 01-12-1944. He then landed in the Führer Reserve  (see Adolf Hitler (did you know). He was not useful anymore, age 56, finally retired on 28-02-1945.

Death and burial ground of Krocker, Victor.

Living in Bonn, Krocker died at the age of 70, on 12-08-957 and is buried with his wife Elisabeth, born Strache, who died old age 88, on 01-09-1979, on the Südfriedhof of Bonn. Also buried there are the Generalleutnant der Infanterie, Kommandeur 16th Heeresgruppe, Hermann Fischer and Generalmajor der Flieger, Kommandeur der 14th Flak Division Adolf Gerlach.


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