Dihm, Friedrich.

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Dihm, Friedrich, born on 06-01-1880 in Munich, the son of Hauptmann Friedrich Dihm, joined the Army Service as a Fahnenjunker in the Bavarian Field Artillery Regiment, on 07-07-1899, 19 years old. He was on the Western battlefields during World War I and ended the war as a Hauptmann with the Special Purpose General Command. He remained in the new Reichswehr and retired on 31-03-1931. Dihm reactivated in the Army as an Oberst and Supplement Officer with the Staff of Military Replacement Inspection Nuremberg, in 1933. At the beginning of World War II he was the commander of the Field Equipment Administration and in the Reserve from 20-02-1940 to 17-04-1940. As Generalmajor he was Field Equipment Inspector 3, to 01-10-1940 and then with the Field Equipment Staff in West France. Dihm was again in the Reserve from 21-03-1942 to 10-06-1942 and assigned as Artillery commander 115 until 15-03-1944. he landed for the third time in the infamous Führer Reserve   (see Adolf Hitler) (did you know) to 23-03-1944 and following the command as Generalleutnant now of the Special Duties with Army Group B, until 15-08-1944. He again is in the Führer Reserve and not useful anymore for Hitler’s (see Hitler parents) (see William Hitler)
  William Patrick Stuart-Houston war far, retired on 31-12-1944.

Death and burial ground of Dihm, Friedrich.

   Friedrich Dihm is in Allied captivity until 25-06-1947 and retired in Starnberg. Friedrich Dihm died there at the age of 76, on 11-08-1956 and is buried with his wife Theodora, born Saemmer, who died old age 89 in 1988, on the cemetery Hanfelderstrasse in Starnberg.


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