Bülowius, Karl Robert Max.

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Bülowius , Karl Robert Max.

Bülowius, Karl Robert Max, born on 02-03-1890 in Königsberg, Germany, one year after Adolf Hitler(did you know). joined the Prussian Army  on 26-11-1907, age 17 and became an officer cadet or Fahnenjunker of the engineering troops where he would make his promotion to Leutnant on 19-06-1909.Bülowius participated in the First World War, serving in various engineering departments of the German Army that were involved in military duties in both Europe and Palestine. During the year 1918 (which would become the final year of the war), Bülowius was elevated to the rank of Hauptmann. The First World War would end six months later on 11 November with a defeat for Germany and her allies – limiting Germany’s army to 100000 men  until Adolf Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles fifteen years later. He was relieved from the Army on 31-12-1920 due to unfortunate circumstances surrounding the structure of Germany’s post-World War I military.

However, Bülowius returned to active military service on 01-06-1924. He would serve in various engineering and cavalry units of the Reichswehr during the 1920s and the 1930s.

At the beginning of World War II, he commanded Oberbaustab X. Bülowius became commanding officer (Pionierführer) of engineering parts of the 8th Army under command of General Johannes Blaskowitz    on 26-10-1939.Success in commanding the 8th Army would result in Bülowius holding on the same post when he was transferred to the 9th Army on 15-05-1940. Transferred to North Africa  with Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel

, Bülowius commanded the engineers of Panzer Army Africa on 25-10-1942. Between 17 and 25-02-1943, he commanded the entire group. Bülowius held the position of post commander in von Manteuffel’s former division on April 1943 and kept it until he was captured the following month. General der Panzertruppe Hasso von Manteuffel  had been evacuated back to Germany due to exhaustion and later sent to the Eastern Front on a promotion to Generalmajor.

Death and burial ground of Bülowius, Karl Robert Max.


He was captured by U.S. troops on 09-05-1943 near the end of the North African campaign. The North Africa campaign would end seven days later on 16-05-1943 when the Axis (mostly containing troops from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy) forces were forced to retreat to Southern Italy in a decisive defeat. Generalleutnant Karl Bulowius, foreground),   commander of the German Manteuffel Division

on his way to internment in North Africa with other German officers captured by the Allies, World War II, 1943. Bülowius finished his career in the German Heer component by committing suicide on 27-03-1945, age 55, at the prisoner-of-war camp named Camp Forrest in Coffee County, Tennessee, USA. He is interred at the Chattanooga National Cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.


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