Buffa, Ernst Joachim Valentin Gustav.

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Buffa, Ernst Joachim Valentin Gustav, born 14-02-1893 in Oppeln, Silesia, the son of Franz Freiherr Buffa von Lilienberg und Castellalt, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, was accepted in the Army Service as a Fahnenjunker with the 5th Foot Artillery Regiment , age 19, on 21-03-1912. He followed a course on the Foot Artillery School until 30-09-1915 and was in the fields of the first war as a company leader till the end of the war. Buffa was allowed in the new Reichswehr  and climbed up his ranks to Oberst on 01-08-1938 being the commander of the 3rd Flak Regiment in Weimar. With the outbreak of World War II he was commander of the 11th Flak Regiment in Königsberg until 31-10-1939, as he took the command of the 104th Flak Regiment. Inspector of the Flak Artillery in Field Region Holland under General der Flieger, Oberkommando Wehrmacht in the Netherlands, Massacre of Putten, Friedrich Christiansen

    until 16-03-1942, meanwhile a Generalmajor.

The Putten raid (Dutch: Razzia van Putten) was a civilian raid conducted by Nazi Germany in occupied Netherlands during the Second World War. On 01-10-1944, a total of 602 men – almost the entire male population of the village – were taken from Putten, in the central Netherlands, and deported to various concentration camps inside Germany. Only 48 returned at the end of the war. The raid was carried out as a reprisal for a Dutch resistance attack on a vehicle carrying personnel from the Wehrmacht.   

Following Inspector of Flak Artillery of Air Region Norway, under Generaloberst der Infanterie, Kommandeur Heeresgruppe NorwegenNikolaus  von Falkenhorst

until 31-05-1942. Commander of Flak Brigade XIII in Finland, to 12-12-1942. Now a Generalleutnant the commander of the 12th Motorized Flak Division until 25-04-1944. Buffa then landed in the infamous Führer Reserve until D-Day as he was assigned as the commander of the 21st Flak Division in Darmstadt, until 30-11-1944. Again in the Reserve to 14-01-1945 and detached to the Reichs War Court until 07-05-1945 as he landed in American captivity, the same day his son Hans Georg Buffa, an Artillery Leutnant, age 20, died in battle.

Death and burial ground of Buffa, Ernst Joachim Valentin Gustav.

Released on 05-06-1947 he lived in Traben-Trarbach where he at the age of 78 died, on 19-09-1971. Buffa is buried with his wife Richmuth, born Huesgen, who died age 73 on 26-05-1988, on the Stadtfriedhof of Traben, in Parcelle 92. On the Stadtfriedhof of Trarbach, Generalmajor der Flakartillerie, Commander Flak-Sturm-Regiment 41 (mot), Hans Rauch 

  is buried.



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