Bruch, Hermann.

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Bruch, Hermann, born on 28-05-1893 in Heiligenmoschel, Pfalz, son of the clergyman Hermann Bruch, who died age 80 in 1944, entered the Army as a Fähnrich sur See, on 12-03-1913. He was accepted into the Navy Ground Training at the Navy School  and was a sea cadet on board of the heavy cruiser, Vineta, During World War I, he stayed in the Navy   and was allowed to stay in the new Reichswehr between the both wars. At the beginning of World War II he was leader of the Naval Air Force East, until 25-01-1940. (see Hermann Goering) (see did you know). Bruch then was leader of the Sea Air Force to 20-04-1941 and was assigned as Commanding General of the Luftwaffe North Norway, until 31-07-1942. He then was transferred to France and became Inspector of the Area of Economics Office East France. Hermann Bruch was placed to the disposal of Flying Replacement Battalion IV, from 13-10-1944 until 31-01-1945. His father also named Hermann died in 1944, age 80. Hermann retired on 31-01-1945 and was in American captivity until 1947.

Death and burial ground of Bruch, Hermann.

Released he lived in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse and died at the old age of 85, on 15-06-1976. He is buried, with his father, on the cemetery an der Weinstrasse in Neustadt, close to the grave of another WWII General,

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