Berendt, Richard Gustav Adolf von.

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Berendt, Richard Gustav Adolf von
Berendt, Richard Gustav Adolf von,  born 14-01-1865 in Neise, Oberschlesien, the son of the later Prussian Generalmajor Richard von Berendt (1833-1900) and his wife Marie Helene Luise, born Zerboni (born 02-01-1841). His father had been raised on 18-01-1896 by Emperor Wilhelm II  in the hereditary Prussian nobility entered the Kaiserliche Armee on 15-04-1884, as a Second Leutnant, at the age of 19. On 01-10-1886 he was transferred to the Artillery and Engineering School and became a battalion adjutant in 1888, age 23. Berendt married Elise Eleonore Alwine Kopisch (* 21-01-1869) on 25-09-1990 in Weizenrodau. On 25-03-1893 promoted to Oberleutnant and on 01-10-1893 transferred to the Badische Foot Artillery Regiment 14. Promoted to Hauptmann  then Major on 14-06-1904. He took the command of the II. Battalion of the Schleswig Holsteinischen Fussartillerie Regiment 9  from 15-02-1916. Participated in World War I, he climbs to the higher ranks and promoted to Oberst at the beginning of the Great War and received the Pour le Mérite on 14-01-1917, at the age of 52.   His friend, then Major Fedor von Bock
  later Field Marshal, Fedor von Bock, received also the Pour le Mérite, on 01-04-1918. Berendt ends the war as a Generalleutnant and remains in the new Reichswehr  too.
In 1919 he was transferred to the Reichswehr and initially worked there as an artillery inspector. In March 1920 he took over the function of commander of the military district 2 Stettin. On 16-06-1920 he was promoted to Generalleutnant and took over the leadership of the 3rd Division of the Reichswehr for a short time. On 01-09-1921 he was promoted to General of Artillery and was transferred to group command 2 in Kassel the following year. At the beginning of 1923 Berendt took over group command 1 in Berlin. On 31-12-1924 he left the Reichswehr.

Death and burial ground of Berendt, Richard Gustav Adolf von.

He retired from the Army on 31-12-1924, age 58. Assigned to Chief of the Artillery Regiment 59 in 1937. Von Berendt ends the war as the Commander of the Gruppe Command I in Berlin. Josef Goebbels (did you know) was the Gauleiter of Berlin. After the war he quietly lived in Joachimthal, close near Schornheide, where Reich Marshal Hermann Goering (did you know) (see Goering Peter) had his extravagant Karin Halle building.
   His first wife, Karin Goering-Fock
  was buried, there in a underground crypt, after the war her remains were burnt and brought to Stockholm, Drottningholm, Lovö, by the Swedish Berlin Pastor Heribert Jansson, . Von Berendt died at the old age of 88, on 25-08-1953. General von Berendt is buried with his wife Frieda, born Maschner, who died age 73 on 28-05-1954, on the village cemetery of Joachimsthal.



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